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Call of Duty is the new Pokemon

The Call of Duty franchise has been under attack and heavy criticism for the past few years for its lack of innovation and stagnant visuals by many gamers. While the franchise might deserve some of the flack it gets, it receives it with no punches pulled. However, we as gamers, tend to turn a blind eye on many game series which do the exact same. (3DS, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, Culture, Nintendo DS, PC, Pokemon X and Y, PS3, Xbox 360)

mamotte  +   666d ago
Why... do we have a new pokemon game every year?
TekoIie  +   666d ago
I think they mean as a brand.

I love pokemon games and I keep myself in the dark a little with every new game that releases. I only look up the new game mechanics and moves (if there are any that affect online battles) but when it comes to the new pokemon its so much more fun to randomly encounter a new one when playing!

I think this is what happens with a fair amount of the COD community. They dont actually know whats in the game. They just see an ad and think "oh sweet a new one's out!" and go down to the store and get it because like pokemon the changes are never too radical.
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Black-Rock-Shooter  +   666d ago
So you are saying
New Weapons = New Pokemon
A new Region = New maps.
TekoIie  +   666d ago

That analogy can definitely work. There's more to it but it would require a great wall of text to explain ;)
jakmckratos  +   666d ago
This title should DIE
ApolloTheBoss  +   666d ago
One day, my friend, one day.. The signs are already among us. BO2 sales dropped 14% compared to MW3.
venom06  +   666d ago
if the new CoD doesn't have a NEW ENGINE AND DEDICATED SERVERS, it will be a slap in the face to us as gamers and consumers, with Activision saying "it doesn't matter what crap we give them, they will still buy it"....
Y_5150  +   666d ago
I like Pokemon more. Please people shouldn't compare Pokemon to Cod. AC is a better comparison.
fatalis95  +   666d ago
nah cod has more kid players XD
NastyLeftHook0  +   666d ago
ooh burn! lol.
plaZeHD  +   666d ago
Deh image

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NastyLeftHook0  +   666d ago
my little pony lol
azshorty2003  +   666d ago
Just went to a convention and was in a tshirt booth and there were these creepy looking guys that were Extremely giddy when they saw the Pony shirts. I still don't understand the fascination with that show.
contradictory  +   666d ago
there isn't a new pokemon every year
but other than that i can see it..
neither series really goes anywhere with new releases
and they are both kinda casual games
although there's nothing wrong with that IMO
CommonSenseGamer  +   666d ago
What!?! COD is now considered casual? Since when was walking through an airport gunning down civilians casual?

Please explain how a game like COD is casual, because its easy to get into or because its played by millions? I simply don't understand how the gameplay mechanics are much different from any FPS over the last decade.
Linsolv  +   666d ago
Compared to Counter Strike, the go-to example of "popular non-casual," there's less focus on competitive and semi-competitive play, there's less recoil, guns are generally easier to aim, the game encourages an aggressive mindset that creates an easy pick-up and play experience (a positive) but at the same time discourages tactical thinking (a negative).

Super Meat Boy did a similar thing with their ability to quickly respawn--they used it to offset the frustration of having to try many times on one level. The TDM/Demolition respawn settings can work, but they're best used to offset some sort of problem (for example, an asymmetrical game mode, which allows the underdog team to respawn). Otherwise it just comes off like potato chips: Easy to just pop them in your mouth over and over again, but looked down upon by the general populous.
CommonSenseGamer  +   666d ago
OK, based on your response it means that Kill zone, Halo, Resistance, BioShock are all casual games.
mamotte  +   665d ago
You're mixing "casual" and "mature". A game like COD is casual because you can just take the controller, start playing, and be killing people in less than 10 minutes. Hell, I've seen people in my country entering COD tournaments, and winning just because they run and shoot like crazy, or are plain lucky.

Now, Pokemon: You can get a decent pokemon for a tournament only after playing, like, 30-40 hours. That if you dont care about EV's points and stuff.

That said, from a technical standpoint, since you need a lot more effort and time to become a "professional Pokemon gamer", then, Pokemon is (in theory) more "hardcore" than COD. Now, you dont get blood in Pokemon, but, who cares?
contradictory  +   665d ago
it's just pick up and play gamestyle
and CoD games are very easily approachable
keeping it simple while still being enjoyable

and as was cited by mamotte
you're mixing up Casual and Mature games here
Scorpio018  +   666d ago
Two points. If I am to take the route of the argumentative gamer, I would like to point out that with Pokemon there are at least some changes, excluding the addition of new pokemon in and of themselves. New battle types, new things on the side to do etc.

Now if I am to take the route of the adult gamer. Whether Call of Duty, Pokemon or any other franchise - Don't buy every entry of the series, or at the very least, don't do it at every release point. That way you will be less likely to become disillusioned with your game of choice. I still enjoy CoD somewhat, because I play maybe one out of every three entries.

For every one gamer sick of yearly entries of a franchise, there are ten for each of them that love them and their yearly releases. Do what is right for you as a person and as a gamer.
Linsolv  +   666d ago
I'd debate that somewhat in Pokemon's case. Usually there's enough time between titles that all but the most fanatical fans put the game down for a while, so when they but the next title, it's fresh again with the relatively minor tweaks to keep things varied.
GABRIEL1030  +   666d ago
Not only COD series, Battlefield also with the new game the same graphics, animations, vehicles, enemies and the same helicopter flashback, disappointing.
IaMs12  +   665d ago

Not yet at least.
Moonman  +   666d ago
I pre-ordered the upcoming Pokemon. I don't buy Call Of Duty. Get my point?
Y_5150  +   666d ago
I never bought a Call of Duty game, I'm proud of that.
Hufandpuf  +   666d ago
Shame. Go by CoD4 and see why people are so upset at what Acti has made of the franchise.

Its like tony hawk and guitar hero all over again
Y_5150  +   666d ago
I'm not a fan of Call of Duty, never was. I played the first one though, it had it's moments. I noticed what Acti has done to the series and I don't need to play the game to see that.
Majin-vegeta  +   666d ago
*Facepalm*Never ever compare COD to Pokemon. Unlike "CHILD'S ONLINE DAYCARE".Pokemon try's to introduce new things with every game release.

P.S. competitive Pokemon battles take more skill than COD does.
Donnieboi  +   666d ago
Personally I could nevet see the appeal of either of those franchises, and i've owned pokemon red, blue, gold, etc AND COD mw 2, bo, and mw3.

I kept buying them out of hype, and hated them.

In my eyes, Persona/SMT games are better than Pokemon. And battlefield is better than COD.

But I guess that's just me...
Scorpio018  +   666d ago
I see where you are coming from, but that is an unfair comparison. Aside from the Monster/Demon collecting and the subsequent battling with them, SMT/Pokemon are two entirely different games, geared for greatly differing audiences.

Pokemon is a great starting point for RPG beginners due to it's simple mechanics and light hearted formula. That being the case, it is still in depth enough for experiences rpg players to enjoy it. (Such as with the online battling, EV training, breeding. Etc.)

SMT is geared more toward the hardcore RPG players. The gameplay is generally harder and losing is much more punishing. I'll not go into detail into just how in depth the SMT series is because anyone who has played those games will know.

Point is, the two games are on the complete opposite ends of the RPG spectrum from one another.
Donnieboi  +   666d ago
Yeah to be fair i guess they are not EXACTLY the same. But as I got older, i felt a little silly playing pokemon after having played persona 3. I liked the challenge and adult themes in p3 more. I can't relate to the generic story of a generic boy who traps little animals in balls to have fights in the streets. Kinda seemed pointless. The only joy came from chasing yet another pokemon, and once u got it it was over. In persona, i can fuse persona's, thus mixing and matching their abilities to create my own custom "fighter".
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1nsaint  +   666d ago
Well said, i think a lot of people dont know about the dept pokemon games have.

For example most people know about breeding, but not that you can pass down moves of the father pokemon and IV stats of the mother pokemon.

Same goes for a lot of things in the pkmn games.
I havent played pokemon in a long time untill recently when i played emerald on my phone.

And it was way different as when i played it as a kid.
Looking of some stuff on the wiki shows how complex some parts of the games are, using math, crazy formulas.

And i only just found out there is something called STAB moves, which means that if you use a fire move with a fire pokemon it will do 1.5x damage.
I never knew that while i've played since red and blue.

Oh and in reply to the title: at least pokemon will have a new engine this year.. :p
ShadowKingx  +   666d ago
i guess COD is pokemon, i wish i could catch my teammates or throw them out to attack.

at least that would take some more skill than COD actually has.
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gillri  +   666d ago
Never playd a pokemon game in my life I guess cause im 29 Its just not my generation

oh and btw I only buy a COD every two years and only play it inbetween my SP games, im certainly not a COD whre asd I havent played one in over a year now

cany deny they arent fun games to play tho
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hadouken182  +   666d ago
Call of duty is main stream trash. /discussion
shackdaddy  +   666d ago
Pokemon is the new pokemon
glennco  +   665d ago
Boring generic rubbish aimed at casual gamers.

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