PlayStation 3 & PS Vita Video Game Releases: March 31st – April 6th, 2013

While not nearly as exciting as last week, which gave us BioShock Infinite, you can expect a new MMO in the form of Defiance, the upgraded version of Ninja Gaiden 3, and a couple of Grand Theft Auto PS2 Classics.


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TrendyGamers1875d ago

Definitely getting the Injustice demo.

Foolsjoker1875d ago

Going to be a busy week, I still have to get through BioShock.

JoGam1875d ago

Are you playing Bioshock on PS3? If so how is it?

belac091875d ago

its amazing! im so hooked on it, the story is just getting better and better!

knifefight1875d ago

Playing the first one here. Gotta get through it so I can get to 2, then Infinite. Really loving it so far!

Sandmano1875d ago

The first one will give you high expectations for infinite and from what I've played it delivers but the original is hard to top ill see when I'm done...

ftwrthtx1875d ago

Still need to pick up Bioshock. Gotta recover from GDC though.

Pillsbury11875d ago

I played defiance beta. Gotta say it was pretty cool, a 3rd person shooter mmo.

Grimhammer001875d ago

Beat bio inf already. Great great game!

Grabbing defiance & NG razors edge.
I'll give NG another chance with all the changes and decent price.

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The story is too old to be commented.