Rockstar Games responds: GTA V boxart coming very soon

Next day or so, digital versions coming soon!

Root1125d ago

Hopefully the Collectors Edition will be shown aswell

Long as it includes a Steel book I'll be fine.

omi25p1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I hope they do a collectors edition then it can go with my GTA IV CE.

Wonder what they would do for a CE, maybe a statue similar to the MP3 one?

Its annoying that is coming out almost 2 years after it was announced.

Root1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I was thinking about a statue but it doesn't really feel like it would fit with this game. It's not like Max Payne where it's a character we've come to love over the years, they are brand new characters who will probably never be seen again.

For me I would like to see a Steelbook, some lithos, a Los Santos tourist guide map better then the standard maps you get with the game, a psyical copy of the soundtrack with all the radio stations on it and all this would be included in a well crafted black mini safe....since the game is about money and bank heists why not.

Oh and a Season Pass for the DLC's...if I'm paying a lot of money for this I want all the DLC's in the collectors edition

BattleReach1125d ago

Looking foward to it. Also, still waiting for a third trailer. Anyone remember the day the first trailer was released? Let me tell you guys a story. So it was 2011..

Donnieboi1125d ago

That's nice and all, but how about more details about the actual game?

TesMgsFan1125d ago

One of the reason that i like about the GTA games are the boxart, because evrytime i look to those boxart it just tells me to play the game directly :D

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