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"I’ve come to the conclusion that Persona 4: The Golden does a great many wondrous and great things. I mean, it makes school seem like a cool place to hang out, classes and study seem worthwhile and most of all, it makes talking to foxes seem like a remotely sane act. By far its best trick is two-fold though; not only does it succeed in giving Vita owners another must-have title for their struggling handheld but it also delivers, or rather re-delivers, one of the finest JRPG’s in years in shiny and improved form.

With that said, precious little has changed in the JRPG landscape since Persona 4′s original PS2 release back in 2008. Square-Enix still finds itself increasingly unable to recapture the magic from its PSOne days with its evermore budget-heavy and conceptually uninspiring Final Fantasy iterations, while Persona 4 reminds us that, over five years later, the gulf between them remains as vast as it ever was."

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Sidology1638d ago

well, now i need to buy this game

Bitsnark1638d ago

Definitely. Its been a long while since I found myself so hopelessly engrossed with a game like this!

TongkatAli1638d ago

Amazing game with soul. You will laugh, you will cry, it has it all and then some.

Snookies121638d ago

I just can't bear the Teddy puns. :D

jon12341637d ago

these puns are becoming unBEARable!!

Paul851637d ago

This will be the first game I buy for my vita

contradictory1637d ago

it was the first game i got for Vita
and i actually pre-ordered it from the US
because Atlus was being herp derp with the eu launch again.

it was worth it.

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