Microsoft outs Battlefield 4 release date?

GE: "Thus far, EA has only announced a vague Fall 2013 launch for Battlefield 4. Microsoft, though, may have outed the game's final release date."

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jayden191697d ago

Very possible they will want to beat COD to the just like they did with battlefield 3.Just hope they aren't rushing it ?

Outside_ofthe_Box1697d ago

They better take their time. No amount of "rushing" will change the fact that CoD will beat BF4 sales wise.

Baylex1697d ago

Agree with you... but still think that BF got a huge jump in the last past years.. and personally I'm enjoing more BF than a CoD.. just me ;)

raytraceme1697d ago

I honestly don't know about that. A lot of my cod friends already switched to battlefield and more are gonna do it when 4 comes out. COD has lost a lot of steam and BF4 seems to be the one that can outsell cod this year. But I think gta v might be the overall sales winner 20 million fans bought the 1st one and now with a console base of over double from 2008 i think that gta might destroy cod sales.

Neixus1697d ago

bf4 will still do really well,though, reval trailer got more views and likes than any other cod reveal trailers

HammadTheBeast1697d ago

Depends on the advertising. If they pull out all the stops, they can seriously hurt CoD sales.

Reverent1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Yeah, I definitely feel like Call of Duty will not do anywhere near as well as it has been doing. I know it will still sell a ton, but it won't be breaking any records this year (or get even close), mark my words.

I've got my heart set on Battlefield 4.

~Only In Battlefield~

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RyuCloudStrife1697d ago

Just for that Battlefield should not release on Xbox.

BOLO1697d ago

If it was up to M$FT...BF4 would be Xbox only or a timed exclusive to slow down PS4's momentum.

badz1491697d ago

BF3 sold more than 10m and it's about 50:50 split between PS3 and 360. in order for MS to secure the exclusivity, they need to pay at least 50% of the potential sales of BF4 which would be considered 'lost' on the PS. knowing EA, the sum would be crazy!

so, why would MS want to do THAT? they have secured enough deals with CoD anyway and CoD has the biggest crowd of all. paying for BF3 exclusivity would be kinda dumb!

DeadlyFire1697d ago

Microsoft must be betting big time on Battlefield 4 exclusive DLC.

They can't out bid EA to get it exclusive to their console. BF, and CoD are to damn big to be exclusive to one platform.

just_looken1697d ago

I agree but they rushed battlefield 3 and that was unplayable for months and well look at the overall sizes of patch's. No doubt though they are rushing this and it will requires tens of gb's of patching. One fact it is being rushed are the vehicles/building's/guns that have been copied from bf3.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1697d ago

BF3 was so buggy on release they had to launch with a huge patch a little afterward. Just a horrible launch. Still love to this day, how in a party with friends, it still splits you up and it's a pain in the butt to get on the same team.

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BattleReach1697d ago

I hope Battlefield 4 will be a Next Xbox (and Playstation 4) launch title.

MikeMyers1697d ago

It will be interesting how they handle current gen and next gen titles simultaneously. Will that mean Xbox 360 and PS3 software will go down in price?

SlavisH21697d ago

good point. I sure hope so!

LOGICWINS1697d ago

WOW..hadn't thought of that.

Hellsvacancy1697d ago

Here in the UK I can see BF4 PS3 costing £36.99 and BF4 PS4 £49.99

TheKayle11697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

u know that ms and ea did a partnership for the next xbox right?

SolidDuck1697d ago

Right. But battlefield 4 is on ps4 they already said so. So what's your point.

angelsx1697d ago

No way to play Battlefield 4 on my Ps3 again.Next gen or gameing pc.That's it.


Me too, but it highly depends on how they cook that PS4 version... Case in point: player count. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy BF3 on PS3, but with such a low player count and few vehicles those big maps end up feeling quite empty so I just go back to smaller/infantry maps, like Bazaar and Seine... Great Maps, good matches, but don't feel that much like BF3 most of the time (too much fighting in corridors).

Also, forgetting about PC vs Console performance for a moment, I (foolish?) with they quit that "rent a server" bullcrap, when BF3 released everyone wanted to set up their own rooms, as in those private matches almost any shooter out there have, not necessarily as in "hey, why don't you charge us for this simple feature while you sistematically remove official servers?".

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