Pre-order BF4 PC For $48

OOG from STFUandPLAY writes, "Well it’s official people, we can now start pre-ordering BF4. Currently on Green Man Gaming you can pre-order BF4 for only $48. This could be a good time for people to cash in some of their GMG store credit they have built up over recent purchases such as the Bioschock Infinite deal 2 weeks ago."

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ATi_Elite1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Nah I'll wait for the Free stuff to be packed in with Pre-order like How I got Karkand Strike for free and BF3 for like $38 dollars doing the pre-order

Or I'll just get BF4 for FREE with a GPU purchase!!!

OOG1909d ago

this is true... its a bit too early... PC gamers are better of waiting it out.

T9001909d ago

Preordered BF3 for 37usd, so yea gonna wait on this.

SlapHappyJesus1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Would hate to see it paired with a GTX680 in the near future. Literally just finalized and purchased my new build.
That would hit rather hard.

ExCest1909d ago

I don't think Nvidia will do something like that. Most likely, Radeon will do that.

thechosenone1909d ago

after how they f***ed up with BF3 and all the bugs and weapon balance issues they had I'll wait for it to hit bargain bin.

ConsolesAreforswines1909d ago

It literally looks like bf3... Pathetic how the battlefield franchise is following cods footsteps, anyone buying this deserves all the microtransactions they get to get a frigid laser sight on there gun.

Typical-Guy1909d ago

I want this game on PS4 or probably New Xbox.... They should just give a release date!

OWWO1909d ago

not preodering but will get 1st week