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Ken Levine is a champion of this medium and, twice now, he has profoundly changed the way we view and discuss plot in video games. He understands the interactive component of the medium so well, his incorporation of it into his stories is foremost in his telling, and are deft to say the least.

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core_51850d ago

I don´t understand the perfect scores, i´ve played this game for two days and it looks absolutely horrible, the whole game world is like a LSD Trip with terrible textures.

xPhearR3dx1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

"with terrible textures"

Guess you played the console version huh? That's what happens when you use technology 7-8 years after it release. That and you don't understand that very important aspect of gaming called "storytelling".

Pozzle1849d ago

I don't know...I played the PS3 version and it still looks absolutely stunning. My jaw dropped during those first moments in Columbia, and there were so many times in the game that I'd stop what I was doing so I could just look around or take in the sights. The world was gorgeous.

Conzul1849d ago

Yes, all the fans and critics are wrong. Only *you* see the truth.

ape0071849d ago

happy April fools day :)

1840d ago