Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack discounted on Steam

"If you’re looking for some mayhem and carjacking, but you have a limited videogame budget, this weekend may be the time for you to pick up the Grand Theft Auto Complete Pack on Steam. You can purchase seven titles from one of the industry’s most controversial game series for less than a fancy dinner.

Until tomorrow, April 1, you can get Grand Theft Auto I – IV, Vice City, San Andreas, and Episodes from Liberty City for $12.49. Each game (except for GTA 1 and 2) can also be bought separately for $4.99 or less each.

Gamers itching to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto V can make the next six months feel just a little shorter by enjoying a little bit of the series’ history. And don’t forget that you can always take a break from the killing and enjoy all those silly, wonderful radio stations."

- Allain Richard

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aquamala1881d ago

amazing deal, GTA 1 and 2 are free on PC by the way on rockstar's website

kingPoS1881d ago

I'm starting to think GTA 1, 2 & London will never show up on psn or live. PS3 users can of course play the original's, but the same can't be said about the Xbox 360. Why is Rockstar holding out on those three titles?

ATi_Elite1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

$12.49 you get like 300 hours of gaming.

this is just Crazy!...........Pulls out Credit Card even though I already own the series it seems like a good gift to someone.

Steam forcing PC Gamers to spend money since 2003!

TheOtherSide1881d ago

Just bought mine, thanks for the info : )

Red_Devilz1881d ago

Bought GTA SA last month on PSN for $5. Though I wish they had better graphics for SA for PS3, its still a hell of fun. Best $5 spent ever.

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