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Monster Hunter 3 has Wii U sales rocket in Europe

Sales are up 125% in the UK, and up 3x in France thanks to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. (Industry, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Wii U)

_QQ_  +   825d ago
For one game that isn't considerd a system seller those numbers are pretty good, not nearly enough, but a great start.
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NeXXXuS  +   825d ago
I wish they would make Monster Hunter on PS like they did with the first one on the PS2.
Ilovetheps4  +   825d ago
I agree. I have never played a Monster Hunter game before. I bought it Thursday night and already have 20 hours on the game. It's so much fun. I hope more people buy the game. I love playing online with other people. It's a great game.
Donnieboi  +   825d ago
Dude I'd probably be the last person to buy a Wii U, but Monster Hunter games ARE system sellers. Seriously, 500 hours of awesome gameplay that blends the survival aspects of mgs 3, depth of combat like Dark Souls, Co-op campaign like Peace Walker, and brutal monsters like in Shadow of the Collosus.

Monster Hunter IS ALL of that! And it never gets tired. 500 hours of deep, survivalist, stealth, hunting, rpg weapon crafting, beast-smashing fun for only $60?!

Dude, the price of the Wii U alone is more than made up for by owning Monster Hunter.

And I don't even like how Nintendo is handling Wii U, I just own the psp game. But MH is gonna be HUGE in the West someday. COD better watch it's back.
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Sparkticle  +   825d ago
What he might have meant it's nowhere close to a system seller compared to Nintendo games (for example). Monster Hunter, as sad as it might be, is nowhere near as popular as Zelda (for example).

Also, it might be unlikely that Monster Hunter will come back to PS after 2015, since they made a huge amount of profit with Nintendo systems, way bigger amount than for example they have made with any of the PSP games. I think that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the best monster hunter out so far.
_QQ_  +   825d ago
i know the handheld MH games always do great but considering how MH did on the wii i didn't expect much from the wiiu version. as for deep gameplay experiences that can give you 500+hours of enjoyment i stick with sc2 and dota2 and if games as amazing as those two aren't as popular as COD it's because so many "hardcore gamers" are bros who play only madden and COD. I don't expect a game where you have to think like MH to take COD's spot anytime soon.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   825d ago
But but but the Internet told me Nintendo was doomed!

This is 3DS all over again.

This is Nintendo DS all over again.

This is Nintendo Wii all over again.
Neko_Mega  +   825d ago
The Wii U is nothing like the 3DS, because 3DS didn't have a Mario game when it came out. Wii U did and that didn't even help it.

But its not a shock that MH3 did good on the Wii U, seeing how thats the only system you can get it on (beisdes 3DS or Wii).
lilbroRx  +   825d ago
All that means is that, contrary to this sites popular opinion, that people who buy Nintendo hardware are interested in much more than Mario on the systems.
Stroke666  +   825d ago
and thus the wii u sold more in its launch window than 3ds, xbox, and ps3. that mario title works wonder doesn't it?
Theyellowflash30  +   825d ago
Yeah, Mario On the Wii U is almost at 3 million units sold....explain to me how the Mario on the Wii U didn't help?
TongkatAli  +   825d ago
Never underestimate a formidable opponent, Nintendo is pimp when it comes to software.
_QQ_  +   825d ago
Thats like saying that its not a shock that Uncharted does well on ps3 because it's not on any other system.
Neonridr  +   824d ago
Uncharted can't even sniff the same league as Mario when it comes to sales.. The top 4 out of 5 selling games on the PS3 are Call of Duty games, so it shows how much taste PS3 gamers have.

Mario games always move units, regardless if they are your cup of tea or not.
ozstar  +   824d ago
Its on psp u spastic.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   824d ago
WiiU did not sell more than the 3DS in its launch window. 360 and PS3, however, it did, though it has since fallen drastically off of that pace and is selling akin to the GCN.

No matter how you try to spin it, that's not good by any stretch of the imagination.
murkster-dubez  +   825d ago
HAHAHA this is brilliant spin, the wii u sales before weren't even 6k thats why they used a percentage increase instead of actual numbers.
xursz  +   825d ago
This also comes on the backbone of major retailers slashing prices on the Wiiu, without consent from Nintendo. And no showing of numbers is pretty laughable, MH sold something like 30,000 in it's opening week which is... well, it speaks for itself. So yeah, hardcore spinning right there and still being outsold by the psvita where official numbers report.
Sparkticle  +   825d ago
No matter the number, doubling and tripling in sales is still a huge success.
jcnba28  +   824d ago
Typical sony drone response, takes good nintendo news and tries to turn it into bad news. LOL
DivineAssault  +   825d ago
wonder why the US isnt as passionate about this game as the rest of the world.. Seems like NA only cares for western developed games.. I love all types of games (minus sports & shooters) but live in NA.. Because of that, most of my real friends only like to play shooting games & disregard everything else... Its a damn shame but whatever.. I will support great games that deserve it to help keep eastern titles alive out here
MakiManPR  +   825d ago
Same as you man. I feel you
WiiUsauce  +   825d ago
I've gotten so many people to buy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at my work. I got someone to buy a whole 3DS just to play it lol. And I myself bought it on my Wii U, 3DS, and I bought my sister a 3DS and a copy Monster Hunter so that we can play. Capcom, you owe me money lol.
ylwzx3  +   825d ago
Simple. Too many COD lover boys out there.
DivineAssault  +   825d ago
U have no idea!!! lol.. Its effin ridiculous & i really dont understan why.. Im not saying that COD is a bad game series but the amount of software Activision gets out is phenomenal.. Record breaking in fact.. This gen created a new breed of gamer that imo is called "shooter-casual".. So many people buy every main shooter that releases & thats all they get or have a system for...

Ive met so many ppl that buy these games & just sell the campaign disc.. They open it up, pop in the multiplayer disregarding the campaign all together saying "i dont play that part, i just want the online portion" Such a waste to me because theres so much more to see than the online part.. Some devs build great stories & levels that are very good to play & look at all the detail.. Yet is nothing but trash & boring to a lot of ppl..
blackbirdi  +   825d ago
no wonder there is no new releases for wii u in europe only monster hunter 3 and need for speed ...
BrianC6234  +   825d ago
Stop posting this same dumb story over and over. It's a meaningless report. They never list the actual numbers, just that sales tripled. Tripling almost nothing is still not much. Unless the next site about this story reports real numbers this story shouldn't be allowed to be posted on N4G again. I've seen at least half a dozen versions of this story and no numbers.
lilbroRx  +   825d ago
Tell me, how many of the repeated, "is the Wii u doomed", "is the Wii U irrevelent", "Is Nintendo in a bad position", "Is the Wii U next gen" stories have you voiced this opinion on?

I've never seen people so spiteful towards good news.
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Stroke666  +   825d ago
such hate... tsk tsk. when nintendo does bad and has thousands of doomed articles thats fine but they start doing better and you're tired of like the second article to say so? wow i love how the gaming community is soooooo consistent and non biassed
jcnba28  +   824d ago
How come you don't say this on the Nintendo is doomed articles? Fanboy much?
fatalis95  +   825d ago
it is nearly impossible to find this game in the UK everywhere is selling out.
HexxedAvenger  +   825d ago
I wish it was like that in the US.
Munnkyman  +   825d ago
Well the target i first went to buy the game from was sold out of both versions. Had to go to a different target for it
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Jek_Porkins  +   825d ago
Just goes to show that software will actually help the Wii U, it isn't doomed, but they did need to think a little bit ahead when it came to their software lineup early on.

Just wait until people get the chance to buy the first HD Zelda game.
TongkatAli  +   825d ago
Good news! I never liked Monster Hunter, even on the PSP i ignored all the MH games on that, but who cares! lol.
WeAreLegion  +   825d ago
Good news for Nintendo. It's still a terrible game. To me, this is like PS3 sales skyrocketing, due to the release of Haze. -_-
AWBrawler  +   825d ago
To the people downplaying these sales, I'd love to hear your excuse for How the Wii U outsold the 3DS in the US, and how Lego City's 76k sales had nothing to do with it
Munnkyman  +   825d ago
Which article is that can you link please :)
gamer42  +   825d ago
I'm pretty sure he's getting that info from VGchartz's hardware sales.
AWBrawler  +   825d ago
I know most will scream fake numbers, but check VGChartz
cleft5  +   825d ago
Nintendo just needs to start getting great games out and they will be fine. Once a killer collection of games is out, then they can look at a price cut.
fgwedfger   825d ago | Spam
Qrphe  +   825d ago
So how many units? I'll be very impressed if NA and Europe together sell more than 200,000 which is how much it sold in Japan.
Brucis  +   825d ago
I don't have totals, but in the week of March 23rd in the US MH3U sold ~82k for both systems. Part of the reason MH3U(or MH3G HD in Japan) had only 200k sales in its homeland was that it was simply an HD version of a game they already had (MH3G). As for the NA and EU totals, I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if they did sell more than the Japanese version all things considered.
Qrphe  +   824d ago
According to Vgchartz MH sold around 70-80k units in both NA and Europe, which are usually under-tracked, so your numbers sound right. I wasn't expecting them to beat Japan to begin with.
HexxedAvenger  +   825d ago
I'm honestly glad it is increasing the Wii-U sales. I hope it sales everywhere so Capcom sees that we enjoy the series and we can get Monster Hunter 4 lol... I so want to play with the Charge Axe lol
jeybee  +   825d ago
Why is no one mentioning the fact that in the US and A, WiiU sales increaded 192 % last week. Fact is, between the 16 th and 23rd this month, the Wiiu almost sold as good as the ps3 in the US.
madjedi  +   825d ago
And a 125% increase or 3x the numbers is still worthless without the base numbers to show how much of an increase it actually is.

"Why is no one mentioning the fact that in the US and A, WiiU sales increaded 192 % last week." Okay 51k is very good but then the numbers will drop once again, based on febs npds weekly average of 17k a week just an estimate. I wouldn't trust vgcharts numbers, gaf will get reliable numbers.

This is why it's ridiculous to post 125%, 192% or 3X without using the rest of the hard numbers to complete the equation.

That is about as impressive as saying the 360 sold 3x it's monthly average in japan this month.

Okay the only relavent news in this article, wii u gamers have 2 or 3 new games to enjoy playing.

Love the lame ass spin attempt by nintendo fanboys hyping up. "Sales are up 125% in the UK, and up 3x in France thanks to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate."

For a group that pretends to be all about games, you people sure are obsessed with sales figures.
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jeybee  +   825d ago
Its in no way more ridicolous than saying week after week after week that the WiiU is doomed because of low sales, when its a well known fact that games sell systems. If a Lego game and Monster Hunter can boost sales like this, imagine what magic Nintendo IPs Will do.
RAFFwaff  +   824d ago
How the hell do you beat barroh?! And where can u find him sleeping? Anyway, great week or so for nintendo gamers with Lego city, monster hunter, need for speed, luigis mansion and shin mega tensei devil survivor overclocked.
AWBrawler  +   824d ago
He announces every attack. Just steer clear of his mud toss, dodge when he charges and break off his tail for an extra carve. Also bust his crown if you use hammer and water damage really hurts him. You can find me on twitter with the same name if you need any more advice
RAFFwaff  +   824d ago
cheers. after 10hrs of poking him with a crappy blunt longsword, i finally beat him. lol. starting to understand the mechanics of the game a bit more now.
millzy102  +   824d ago
its funny, people are saying. 125 percent increase doesn't mean anything because uks sales are low, then forgetting the 3 times the amount on top for the rest of europe. regardless that's a lot of sales and I think Nintendo is happy with that, and then when pointed out about a nearly 200 percent increase in us, that doesn't mater because The ales will drop, well obviously until another big game is out but these increases build momento and Nintendo only has to last 3 months till e3 then there game could change, we have no idea what they are planning to release apart from the obvious.
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lovegames718  +   824d ago
You have no idea what the sales are which is the point ppl are making so plz stop it. The numbers are actually being discussed in the neogaf forums and arent impressive. Its like selling 1000 onne month then selling 3000 the next month and claiming high percentages lol
o-Sunny-o  +   824d ago
Nope still not interested in this game's slow gameplay. I'll be playing Soul Sacrifice pretty soon enough.

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