Gamedaily: Legendary Impressions

Next to Call of Duty 4, Gamecock's Legendary is the most intense, balls out crazy first person shooter Gamedaily have played. One second, they are walking down a corridor admiring the pretty scenery, and the next, werewolves tear their squad to shreds, enemy soldiers open fire, random things explode and a minotaur sans penis busts through a stone wall and clobbers their heads. It is without question one of the nuttiest experiences you'll ever have with a video game, and it's because of that why it's one of 2008's most anticipated games.

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Harry1903752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

hit the wrong button.

BWS19823752d ago

Yet another one that I pray doesn't falter the way of the Conflict: Denied-Quality-of-the-Turning- Point-Fall-of-the Expectations...whatever BS....

Here's hoping...