Coming Soon: MLG Playlist in Halo 3

Ever since the release of Halo 2, it's been a dream of ours to have MLG settings incorporated into Matchmaking. There just isn't anyone out there who loves to play Halo as much as the MLG staff and our community, and seeing MLG inside the game has always been one of the things we hoped for most.

So you can understand how excited we are to see that dream come true: In just a few weeks, Bungie will be launching a new MLG Playlist in Halo 3, replacing the existing Team Hardcore Playlist.

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1stKnighT3754d ago

Team Hardcore is the same as MLG.

BigKev453754d ago

MLG is for the losers, lol.

BenzMoney3754d ago

No... MLG is for the people who are tired of playing with/against complete noobs who suck and would rather enjoy playing competitive matches that involve skill and teamwork.

Swords, Hammerzeit, the AR, Epitaph, Rockets, Big Team Battle and Sandtrap are for "the losers".


well said..pretty much sums it up right there..MLG (finalized) "V5" settings should be out soon too FYI