Head2Head: Killzone: Shadow Fall Vs Battlefield 4 Side By Side Comparison (Easter Egg Inside)

Lens of Truth Writes "Welcome back everyone and Happy Easter! Today the Easter Bunny has brought us a special gift, he wanted to see how the “best of the best” next generation FPS compare to one another when side by side. Although we don’t have the exact specifications running Battlefield 4 we can assume its top of the line hardware. So, with that being said, we want to hear from you in the comments section on how you think the PlayStation 4, graphics, HDR lighting and performance is compared to top end PC’s. Let us say this, its going to be very interesting “Rabbit” when the system finally hits this fall.. Let the “Battle” begin!"

Also there's an Easter Egg somewhere in the post linking to a side by side video of the PlayStation 4 and PC Unreal Engine 4: Tech Demo.. I found it and its really worth checking out.

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NastyLeftHook01602d ago

both look amazing. and its a win win for future ps4 owners.

JoGam1602d ago

Thats not a picture of Battlefield, Its a picture of Socom Confrontation.

NastyLeftHook01602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

i will be the first to be honest and admit that i did not notice until you said it. smh-_-

brettyd1602d ago

For some reason people always seem to use that image for military shooters. I don't get it.

thechosenone1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

So the obvious and biggest difference is the lighting, also the textures are bit lower rez in certain places and the particles are a bit more muted in the PS4 version. Man Epic did a sh*t job with UE4 for consoles. But what do you expect from an engine that's meant for multiplat development. It'll never tap the true power of the PS4's hardware.

The xbox version will fair far worse if the rumors are true about the weaker specs.


IcyEyes1602d ago

Both are amazing ...
But Killzone is simply awesome because its not only about texture quality/resolution is also about the tons of stuff on the screen.

Looks like a live-cam :D

thechosenone1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

And of course I was only talking about UE4 demo in my comment above not about BF4 vs KZ.

kevnb1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

none of those killzone shots are the actual playable bits.
actual gameplay of KZ SF


the quality of the images might not be the greatest, but watch the trailer they showed again. Im highlighting the parts that are playable.

Im not even going to pick which game I think looks better, but fair is fair. And at the end, its just a cod style barely playable section thats almost a cutscene. I already know artists can make those look good.
battlefield 4 looks really similar to battlefield 3 in my eyes, but battlefield 3 looks and plays great.

TheRealSpy1602d ago

If you desperately want Killzone to look better, it will. That's the mindset of a fanboy.

It's night and day.

Dee_911602d ago

gotta love this pixel counting gaming era.

DOMination-1602d ago

Its hard to define "better" and we will all choose whatever looks aesthetically pleasing to us personally. Both look good and it makes me excited for the next few years.

silverbeld1601d ago

Battlefield looks to GREY!

Killzone looks much better.

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Muerte24941602d ago

but the playing fields aren't remotely level. Let's wait until we get some ps4 footage of BF4 before we start comparing. Comparing locked in hardware to something only 5% of the PC gaming market owns is a little biased if you ask me.

AngelicIceDiamond1602d ago

You can't compare them? Ones Syfy shooter and the others a modern real world shooter? two different engines two different goals.

Mustang300C20121602d ago

Not that I don't agree with you but most games being compared have different engines.


Yeah, but when you compare pics of two games running on different engines that happen to have similar scnearios, weponry, lighting and what not, you at least get a good comparison of how the different engines deal with those and, if both indeed aim for the same final look, you can say who did the best job in achieving, i.e., realistic graphics if we were comparing modern militar shooters (COD, BF, Arma, Op. Flashpoint, Rainbow Six, the very Socom - as in the image -, the list could go on and on).

Here the only thing in common really is the genre, they are both first person shooters, so meybe you could compare some gameplay elements, physics, etc... But there's nothing there to make a graphical comparison. Even if you get two similar scenarios (like the overview of the city, or just staring down at your own gun), they are not necessarily aiming for the same final look, point in case BF want to be realistic while KZ (or Halo, Gears, Resistance, Metro, Crysis, Unreal Tournament, etc) have a much more stylized graphics (as you would expect in a completelly fictional setting). It's just like comparing art styles, in the end any judgement will be highly subjetive.

Now if we had both games released we could indeed make a technical comparison of graphical effects and performance, analyse and pick each engines strong points or limitations, but that not just some side by side look at pictures as the final visual doesn't necessarily represent technical prowess, it would be much more technical talk and, probably, still wouldn't mean which look best or worst.

TheRealSpy1602d ago

Are you asking a question or making a statement.

Learn to question mark.

Of course you can compare them. You're comparing graphics, not story or setting.

OpieWinston1599d ago

I agree, the engine is focused on maximizing flexibility of destruction and sound.

Comparing graphics is just stupid, BF4 is leaning more towards a realistic feel rather than Arcade style shooter.

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ijust2good1602d ago

The Character model is vastly superior in BF4, they look more realistic. However there are certain places where KZ looked better.

Aceman181602d ago

they both look great, and i'll be purchasing both titles easily as i love both franchises.

okmrman1602d ago

you guys must have balls pain due to amount of jizzing

bf 3 and kz 3 have completely different art style
of course everything wont be all shiny in a fucking war zone

people are so dumb

pixelsword1602d ago

Killzone 2's realistic concrete backgrounds, and people say:
"They should call it GREYzone"

ShadowFall adds some color and people say:
"of course everything wont be all shiny in a fucking war zone"

It just goes to show that people whine for the sake of whining.

jcnba281602d ago

They're both boring generic fps's.......NEXT

Ritsujun1602d ago

Cryingtek's shooters were horrible.

pixelsword1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

"They're both boring generic fps's.......NEXT"

...says the Wii fanboy.

Don't worry, dude: I'm almost certain that the next Wii or two will have graphics like that. Until then, don't be bitter, it just makes people giggle.

Just enjoy your generic Mario game and relax, man. Do you think Mario will have to rescue the princess? Ooh, I can't wait for the unpredictable plot twists in that one!

THEDON82z11602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

This is the dumbest comparison I have ever seen first of all BF4 IS PRE ALPHA (AKA NOT REAL GAMEPLAY)and killzone is running off of early dev kits (no where near using PS4 real power). To top it all off I really believe killzon was originally a ps3 tital,the set peices look like it all day.I am waiting to see what games my PS4 WILL ENTERTAIN me with in 2014/15 now thats when they begin emulating the spu from the cell chip on the gpgpu and with all that gddr5 ram- all I CAN SAY DEVELOPERS DONT LET XBOX 7SHITTY HOLD YOU BACK- THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!LLLLLOOOOLLLLL!!!!!

pixelsword1602d ago

If they do, it won't be the 720's fault, The developer's greed is hampering their games and their vision of what their games should be, not any one console or PC.

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Sandmano1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

I was literally just going to come and post that! What a coincidence! crazy! Anyway! Yes! Kill zone shadow fall FTW!!!!

user76939581602d ago

Is not coincidence.. KZSF looks way better but BF4 looks good and their fans should be happy!

abzdine1602d ago

i just played a multiplayer game of KZ3 with Move! great sensations

songoku1602d ago

BF4 looks like BF3 i couldnt tell the difference, but with KZSF i saw a big difference and love the new art work they have and the colors OMG!!! orgasim. its not KZ4 but its still good. BF4 will still be good cuz i like battle field but trying to compare it to the sony's halo is stupid cuz KZ always wins as best looking FPS. when KZ2 and 3 came out they got best graphics of the year.

Dead_Cell1602d ago Show
wishingW3L1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Killzone looks last gen compared to Battlefield 4. And not to mention that the maps are not only bigger but the destruction is incredible and that requires an insane amount of calculations. But Battlefield was running on a $900 dual GPU after all... They can't be compared.