Phantom Pain not until fiscal year ending March 2015; Ground Zeroes in March 2014?

GE: "Metal Gear Solid V may have a slightly more specific release window."

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abzdine1150d ago

i'm quite sure this title will be shifted to next gen if it takes too long time to release.

jay21150d ago

PS3's aiming for 10 yrs so that makes sense if they go two discs a yr apart.

d4sholil11150d ago

From the interview with Geoff Keightly (sp?), if I recall correctly, Ground Zeroes will be available for PS3.

sher123win1231150d ago

What? i thought ground zero and phantom pain are the same game

Donnieboi1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

They are, yet Kojima said they may likely be distributed at separate times. How the heck is that possible, u may ask? I dunno.

Makes no sense to me. Unless he's doing this via cloud or something...

C-Thunder1150d ago

They're two different games under the Metal Gear Solid 5 banner.

xabmol1147d ago

Maybe GZ will be on PS3 and TPP will release later on the PS4?

jc485731150d ago

when can we finally get a proper installment of Silent Hill as well?

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The story is too old to be commented.