AngryJoe- Bioshock Infinite Review

Angry Joe visits the city in the sky, Colombia, to determine whether the long awaited third title in the Bioshock series can live up to all the hype and positive press.

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MrBT1882d ago

I love this guy's videos, so angry, so funny and great props too!

NYC_Gamer1882d ago

I like AJ reviews because dude speaks his mind and doesn't kiss ass like most reviewers

Derekvinyard131882d ago

True he is a great reviewer, he really shows love for his the games he plays very dedicated

Winter47th1882d ago

I like his vids because they're longer than 3 fucking minutes.

DragonKnight1882d ago

This is a pretty funny review. The end especially. The look on Elizabeth's face... just awesome.

SnakeCQC1882d ago

i liked the video because i hate doritos and mountain dew

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abzdine1882d ago

this guy has a very good knowledge about games movies animes comics...
too bad he only reviews xbox games!

BanBrother1882d ago

He does Pc games and movies too. I really hope when he said he was getting a PS4 he was telling the truth. Love to see it.

SeraphimBlade1882d ago

I probably agreed with this review the most out of ones I've seen. Absolute must-play because of the story, but the actual gameplay is just pretty good.

As for the question of Elizabeth's powers, which I myself was asking, I'm still scouring for audio logs on my second playthrough, but one just before you encounter her provides a pretty weak explanation:
"If just a small part of her remains in where she came from, it would appear the universe does not like its peas mixed with its porridge."