IGN: NASCAR 09 First Look

NASCAR 09 is, according to executive producer Scott Stutsman, directly addressing both reviews and the comments the developers saw about the game in online communities. Those complaints in a nutshell? To steal a line from those long-running Dale Jarrett UPS commercials, "We want to drive the car!"

Last year's game had mechanics that may have represented the actual mechanics of a stock car, but, well, IGN are not NASCAR drivers. The slightest turn or imperfection in the way they drove the car caused it to spin out and end up somewhere they didn't want to be -- namely, in the infield.

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level 3603692d ago

They just don't get it do they?

This is the worst ever motorsport in the entire universe, totally boring and illiterates only need apply.

No sense in making a game out of it really.

korn374113692d ago

Why are all of the cars the same? Is it so hard for EA to slap a Ford,Chevy,Toyota,or Dodge logo on the cars?

jinn3692d ago

lets start pre ordering

weazle3692d ago

I cannot stand EA anymore! How can they keep putting out so many games that just don't amount to anything. Once again they will not be getting my money. There is just no excuse for this. Is this the best that they can do? They just need to stop wasting everyone's time and money with this crap.