Jack Bauer Rescues Snake in Metal Gear Solid V Gameplay Trailer?

Dealspwn writes: Here’s a six-minute gameplay from what we’re presuming is the opening stage of Metal Gear Solid V. While there’s no official confirmation of the voice actor of the man leading Snake to safety, any fan of 24 should have no problem detecting the voice of Kiefer Sutherland.

The video shows snake having just awoken from his nine-year coma, which would explain why he’s having to crawl, as his legs haven’t quite woken up yet. The tapping noise his prosthetic arm makes on the hard floor is so awkward it’s unbelievable, it’s borderline unwatchable. The bum-crack shots of the guy ahead of Snake in his hospital gown are a bit much too.

We don’t see snake at his stealthy best here, he’s falling all over the place and knocking over bins like a drunken hobo but we’re sure he’ll be on his feet and snapping necks in no time. There are some cool cameos from past villains to enjoy, like a flaming Volgin and what may be a very young Psycho Mantis.

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Soldierone1847d ago

PLEASE don't make him Snake..... Last thing we need is 5 games about Snake losing his daughter or wife lol

ANIALATOR1361847d ago

it would be an insult to fans if he voiced snake. If a new voice is truly necessary, make it Richard Doyle or someone new. Oh and Nolan North and Troy Baker can stay the hell away

LordHiggens1847d ago

Why am I seeing such hatred for Nolan North as of late....he's a great voice actor....

wenaldy1847d ago

WTF, why bringing up Nolan and Baker?

songoku1847d ago

new voice actor should be chris tucker jk lol, it should be cristian bale or the guy who plays wolverine idk his name but he would be a good one to.

Reibooi1847d ago

no real need to worry about Nolan or Troy. Yeah it's true they do alot of work but the voices they tend to do don't even come close to fitting Snake or Big Boss. They would likely not even be considered. In all likelyhood Kojima already has a idea of who he wants in the role.

I don't dislike Kiefer Sutherland but I would not want him playing Snake. He has a unique enough voice that you know who it is and it would be hard to get it out of you head that the voice of the 24 guy is coming out of Snake. It would just be odd. But I didn't mind him in that little bit we have seen and if that character becomes a big part of the game that's cool.

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Irishguy951847d ago

Disrespecting an excellent actor dude...24 isn't the only thing he's starred in

nukeitall1847d ago

Jack Bauer is awesome. Don't know what the hate is all about?

ziggurcat1847d ago

at least you can make a drinking game out of how many times he says "damn it!"

tigertron1847d ago

CHLOOEEEE!! *timer*
NIIIINAAAA!!!! *timer*
TOOOONNNNYYY!!!!! *timer*
AAAAAAAHHHH!!! *timer*

Hehe. Infact, I'm going to wear my Jack Bauer t-shirt tomorrow. "Guns don't kill terrorists. Jack does" ohhhh yeeeeah. :P

Myze1847d ago

Based on the title:

If anyone is badass enough to rescue Snake and not have Snake feel ashamed, it would be Jack Bauer.

Pillsbury11847d ago

" the only reason you are alive is because I don't want to carry you".

FarCryLover1821847d ago

"Dammit Chloe, Snake is leaving the hospital without properly healing"

"Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit"

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