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Bioshock Infinite: Top 5 Reasons It's Overrated

Explosion writes:

Bioshock Infinite has been the most recent craze this past week in the gaming world. It does have it’s good points, and the ending is an especially hot topic to talk about. I do feel however that the ending is overshadowing a lot of other aspects of the game. Looking at the game as a whole, I can’t help but feel that people are neglecting major components of the game in favour of remembering (or working out) the ending. I’ll be fair though, and to accompany this article, I’ll create another one listing 5 reasons why the game is good. We’re dealing with the reasons it’s overrated here though. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

MrBT  +   923d ago
I must admit that Infinite had dropped from my wanted list a long while ago. From all the amazing reviews that it's been receiving I will most certainly pick this up to see what's what (Children = no funds atm) but it's good to see some sensiblilty with certain folk - surely these issues (if true) certainly discredit a full marks game?
ATi_Elite  +   923d ago | Well said
real video game journalist wanted
Story quality = WTF
Like website = NO

I'm tired of these HOLE IN THE INTERNET WEBSITES eWhoring for web hits.

Bioshock infinite is a great game.

if you gotta make up lies and nit pick to get web hits then just close your website.
HammadTheBeast  +   923d ago
Every time a game does amazing, people do this sh*t. Happened with Journey and Uncharted and Halo 3 as well.
Blacktric  +   923d ago
"Bioshock infinite is a great game."

"My opinion is the only opinion!"
aLucidMind  +   922d ago
You know the phrase "If damn near everyone is saying the same bad things about you, that doesn't make them a hater; it makes them right"? The opposite is true as well; if nearly everyone is saying positive things about it then that doesn't make them a fanboy, it also makes them right.

I would agree with you if the reception for Bioshock Infinite wasn't so close to unanimous.
Mounce  +   922d ago
When it's a mainstream thing to praise a game for what it should be praised for...

There's always going to be some asshole who'll stop at nothing to do the opposite even if it makes no sense just to take a shit all over whatever it is that's being praised.

Fuckin' rebel scumbags.
MysticStrummer  +   922d ago
"if you gotta make up lies and nit pick"

I guess everyone I know in real life who's playing this game is making up lies and nit picking then. None of them think Bioshock: Infinite is as amazing as many critics have claimed. They don't have websites though, so I guess their opinion doesn't count.
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Blacktric  +   922d ago
"I would agree with you if the reception for Bioshock Infinite wasn't so close to unanimous."

Ever heard of the phrase; "everyone is entitled to their opinion"?

You probably haven't... I don't think Bioshock: Infinite is an amazing game. It's far from it. It's definitely a good game but in comparison to Bioshock, it's just not as good in terms of story. And I'm not even going to compare it to System Shock 2 in any level. But I'm glad that you and many other people have enjoyed it.
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leignheart  +   920d ago
can i ask you a question? if someone says they dont like this game, does that make them a liar if you do like this game? if they think the ending sucks does that make them a liar because you think the ending is cool? no it doesnt, thats an opinion not fact, and is subjective.
leignheart  +   920d ago

if what you say is true about if most people are saying something then its right, then that means the world is flat, since all scientists believed that, that would mean slavery was right, since everyone who wasnt a slave thought it was great to own them, even africans dealt in slaves, thier own people. that would also mean that in kkk controlled areas that they were also right, the list goes on and on where the majority were wrong, and thats just to point out that just because the majority likes something or says something is a certain way, doesnt make it so. in fact to speak in certainties whatsoever is a foolish endeavor and should never be done, thats what leads to mistakes. so just to sum up you are wrong in what you say as i have proven it so, that is a certainty in which is fact and cannot be unproven. have a good day and may knowledge and wisdom shine on you like the sun.
aLucidMind  +   919d ago
Did I say anything that discounted or dismissed your opinion of the game? No, but you have and that was clearly what I was referencing. Don't put down another person's opinion of the game and then whine when someone puts down your own, it makes you look very pathetic.

I agree with you on how Bioshock Infinite is not as great as the critics are claiming, and I never at any point claimed you or your friends' opinions were invalid because they were different than mine or didn't have a site. It is unanimous that it is a damn good game, but obviously no game is every as good or bad as the press makes it out to be.

Your examples are fallacious; the KKK are not the majority and the people claiming the world is flat also are not in the majority, one. Two, the KKK's views and the "world is flat" view can be outright disproven. Don't try to spin my words or put words in my mouth. I specifically said "most", both of your examples encompass "many people" not "most people". Also, it is obvious that my statement is towards when what is being said is proven or true to some extent. If everyone you come across tells you that you have poor control over your anger, then you certainly do. Maybe not all the time, but you certainly do at times. Far different that what you're trying to prove me wrong with.

So yeah, you didn't "prove me wrong"; you just proved you like to assume people other than yourself don't use common sense simply because they didn't explicitly spell out exemptions for what they said.

Also, once again, I said nothing that dismisses another person's opinion. Anyone with reading comprehension skills would have seen I wasn't. Having an opinion on the game is fine, but when you try to see whose opinion is factual, you have to look at which one has a better argument and can be proven right. Afterwards, THAT is where my statement comes in.
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Rooks00782  +   914d ago
Simply put "How Green was my Valley" beat out Maltese Falcon and Citizen Cain for an Oscar. At the time time it made sense to critics yet barely anyone remembers the former and the latter are 2 of the greatest films by many accounts. And just because I know a phrase or a phrase is common, it doesn't follow that its true nor does it make its opposite true. Your assumption is not a fact so therefore your conclusion is not valid. It may seem true to you in your experience but you have to admit there is nothing inherent in the statement that makes it true. All squares have right angles. All bachelors are unmarried. These statements by definition have to be true yours is an opinion and you are entitled to it but don't confuse it with actual fact or truth.
Rooks00782  +   914d ago
"Having an opinion on the game is fine, but when you try to see whose opinion is factual"-aLucidMind.
Factual opinions? LMAO. Thats a new one.
aLucidMind  +   914d ago
You just invalidated your claim that I am wrong by making that insinuation that an opinion cannot be based on facts when they can certainly be. For example: it is my opinion that murdering people is wrong, and the majority consider this to be fact. That makes my opinion of murder being wrong to be factual.

The fact people find the idea laughable is very pathetic and more than just a little idiotic on their part.
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MoveTheGlow  +   923d ago
I loved the game, but I do see the point with the gameplay and AI. Infinite does the same thing that Bioshock did - it puts most of the emphasis on story, atmosphere, voice acting, and art, which is all amazing. But at some point, you do find yourself shooting a lot of dudes, and a couple times I was like "Alright, I get it, let's move on with the plot already!" Much in the same way that I understood that the somewhat banal shooting in Spec Ops was part of its critique on the genre, but it didn't stop me from wanting to move on sometimes without another encounter.
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kneon  +   922d ago
I was a little surprised that the AI turned out to be nothing special given the pre-launch talk about how good the AI was.

And I agree on the big battles, in a story driven game we can do with fewer of these "boss" fights.
dboyc310  +   923d ago
Over rated O.o? Games like Tomb Raider are overrated. All the 10's this game has gotten are well deserved. The story is top notch and the character development is just beyond amazing. Especially Elizabeth. The gameplay mechanics also are great too and the way you use tears in combat is pretty fun. As for the invisible elizabeth point. Ummm she can't get hurt because they want her alive. That's why enemies just go after Booker. NITPICKING!!
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LeoDDestroyer  +   923d ago
Yeah but the could have at least had them tried to capture Elizabeth which would have made protecting her even more important. The game is good but far from perfect.
vickers500  +   922d ago

Elizabeth isn't some stupid mario princess who is too stupid to run away when someone tries to catch her, and she isn't some stereotypical weak woman who needs constant 'saving', she's strong, smart, she stays close to Booker at all times in combat, which forces the enemies to take you out first, as you're a priority threat.

Sure, there are faults in the game, but even with the faults, Bioshock Infinite kicks the sh*t out of most of the highly praised games this generation.

It is most certainly not overrated.
LeoDDestroyer  +   922d ago
In the game Elizabeth made I comment that she was happy you protected her which you didn't seeing as enemies never attack or go after her at all. That right there is a disconnect between the character interaction and what exactly happens in game. There nothing in the game that really set it apart from the first other than the story.
vickers500  +   922d ago
"she was happy you protected her which you didn't seeing as enemies never attack or go after her at all."

You do realize there's more than one way to protect her, right? He was protecting her from being captured by killing all those people that came for her, he was protecting her by rescuing her from the tower and helping in her escape from Columbia. There's no use in attempting to sneakily capture Elizabeth if there's a sharpshooter with superpowers and is incredibly hard to kill. The point is they DO try to capture her, they just have to kill you to be able to do it.

"There nothing in the game that really set it apart from the first other than the story."


The fact that you believe there is not one thing but the story that sets it apart from the first Bioshock has made me realize that you have, in my opinion, terrible taste and judgement in video games and are not worth talking to anymore. I even like the first Bioshock more than Infinite, but I'm not so stupid to think that the story is the only thing that sets them apart.
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showtimefolks  +   922d ago
Single players awesome and about 12-15 hrs long
Combat is a lot of fun

And that's all I need, you can find me a 100 reasons not to like a game but when the game is actually good and not just another generic military shooter than I will appreciate it more

To each his own, but this game shouldn't be passed on by any gamer, it's a real gem that should be enjoyed by everyone
nutcrackr  +   923d ago
some of these points are valid
Y_5150  +   923d ago
None of those points won't completely turn you away from the game, these guys are simply nitpicking at a very positive received game. No matter how good the game is, it always has it's flaws.
admiralvic  +   923d ago
You can literally apply this to virtually any game out there and make the same point in the end. For this reason ALONE they're irrelevant since they're fairly standard. It's like marking Borderlands down for having no use for cash...
Heisenburger  +   923d ago
Literally and virtually in the same sentence.

Well done. ;)
maddfoxx  +   923d ago
One thing that upset me about the game is that compared to the early game play footage they showed before, the game isn't as epic. I remember then showing Elizabeth using abilities during battle in multiple trailers. They also took out a lot of scenes and enemies that were shown before.
Mr-Dude  +   922d ago
Yeah... Where was that scene with the Lincoln mask? And the horse?

Besides that, i enjoyed myself a lot playing this game.. Story and gameplay.
Honest_gamer  +   923d ago
wahhhh what bad reasons haha the death one? WTF it has been like that for bioshock 1 and 2, please just gtfo
OMNlPOTENT  +   923d ago
> game gets high ratings, automatically overrated. Expect more of these articles. People just can't accept that Bioshock Infinite is not just the best FPS to come out in a long time, but one of the best stories and games in general to come out in a long time.
Myze  +   923d ago
Look at it like this: You know a game is good when less than a week after release it gets articles about why it's overrated.
jakmckratos  +   923d ago
I didn't want this game until a day before it came out. It was amazing. FUn as hell and I am actually really pesimistic when it comes to games...I could find one flaw with it and hate it. Here I didn't find a single one. COmbat is engaging, controls are tight, visuals are GORGEOUS,and the story is the best I think I've played in a game..ever.
Honest_gamer  +   923d ago
i was the same i wanted the game SO bad but then it got delayed, then delayed again and i was like "no" wiped it from my mind, walked into tescos and there it was, didnt pick it up, went to tescos 8/9 hours later and there was one left, so i got it on a whim and loving every minute of it, it sucks about the frame rate thought :/ that thing drops more than a ho's pants :/ even with v-sync on and of, and yes before pc guys say it, yes it woudlnt do it on the pc haha yeh i know i have it on the pc to :/
Mikefizzled  +   923d ago
Hipsters gotta hate
KillrateOmega  +   923d ago
Bioshock Infinite: Top 5 Reasons It's Overrated
Infinite is not overrated. It's just that great of a game. Get over it.

Seriously, every time that a great game is released somebody always has to nit-pick at it in some attempt at getting cheap hits on their website. Ridiculous...
Pozzle  +   923d ago
Sometimes I wonder if certain gamers just flat-out don't want games to be fun. As soon as a popular game is released, there's always those few people who say things like, "This game is overrated! If you think this game is great, you're an idiot! Let me list the reasons you are wrong! Blah blah blah!"

It's like these people don't want video games to be good. They don't want people to have fun. They just like complaining and telling people that they are wrong for liking a game. I don't get it. :/
Hydralysk  +   923d ago
Or maybe they have a different opinion on what makes a game good, or more specifically good enough for the 9.5-10s it's routinely been getting. Do you really think everyone who thinks Infinite doesn't live up to the hype just hates fun?

Futhermore where in the article does it say it's wrong to like the game? All it says it that the game has, in the author's mind, faults, it doesn't say you must stop liking a game because of those faults. It never even says Infinite is bad because of those faults, it's just saying they exist.

" As soon as a popular game is released, there's always those few people who say things like, "This game is overrated! If you think this game is great, you're an idiot! Let me list the reasons you are wrong! Blah blah blah!" "

You could apply this statement to Call of Duty as well, in fact I'd say this statement sums up the general attitude towards CoD on N4G, as well as quite a few articles posted. So why is hating the popular CoD okay, but picking on the popular Infinite the instant mark of a troll article only looking for hits? They are both very popular, both critically acclaimed after all. It may be a masterpiece to you based on what you want in a game, but not everyone will feel the same, and that doesn't invalidate their opinions or mean they don't want games to be fun.

You might want to consider that what you consider fun games, what you consider to be good games, and what you consider a valid complaint versus nit-picking is a subjective view that not everyone shares, and that's fine. The gaming ecosystem can support many different interpretations on what makes a great game instead of trying to nail down one type that's objectively better than another.
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Pozzle  +   922d ago
It has nothing to do with my personal opinion on a game. There are plenty of low-rated games that I like, and plenty of highly rated games that I don't like. But I don't go out of my way to troll positive articles about those games, or argue with everyone who thinks those games are good, or write articles directly after those games are released on why they are overrated or just plain suck. Because I think it's great that people have fun with different things. That's the mentality I don't understand - when someone says they like a game, there are those (especially on this site) who will go out of their way to argue and make that person feel bad/wrong for liking a game, and that just makes no sense to me.

Fair enough if a person doesn't like a popular game. I'm not begrudging anybody that. But the sheer amount of effort some people put into hating certain games really makes me wonder if they really DO hate having fun. Or maybe they just hate other people having fun.
Eyeco  +   923d ago
Something will always be overrated to someone.
MrBT  +   923d ago
It amazes me how so many throw cheap hits out there! Can't you accept that not everybody likes the same thing?

Just because somebody does not like something or finds fault in something you love does not mean they are out for 'cheap hits' or indeed deserves any attack for not thinking like the rest of you.

What a boring world it would be if we all thought the same!
Picnic  +   923d ago
I found some odd/lazy design choices, like an amusement arcade peppered with the same 5 or so machines repeated over and over again just to fill the room. Of course the same 'crowd' character models appear as well but that appears to be something that is forgiven at this point in time in a FPS game.

And just because a game might do may of the things that it happens to do well doesn't mean that it couldn't have done additional things that it doesn't do. There could have always been more types of buildings to explore. Columbia has the impression of being a huge city but most of the time you're exploring the ground floor or a first floor at best, like you're playing Rapture again, only broken up in to chunks of small shops and given a nice sunlight effect and hooks. How many times do you actually get to stand up on top of one of those huge buildings?
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joab777  +   923d ago
Until they are able to replicate the real world in a game, ppl will complain about something. To me, bioshock has always been so great because of story, environment and combat. The story is phenomonal. The environment, despite some issues is astonishing and the combat does exactly what the others did, allow u so many possibilities in how to attack. I like to literally perfect every situation. Its the camera from previous games that make me this way. And then there is Elizabeth. She is the marvel and the icing on the cake.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   923d ago
the only negatives I have with the game is the weapon limit. can only carry 2 at a time. U rlly need to only upgrade 2 weapons and take them thru the whole game.

Also the Gears I barely ever switched them.
#10 (Edited 923d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Mr-Dude  +   922d ago
Good point, the use of two weapons was sometimes crap. I had the machinegun and RPG the whole time haha. And the gear.. yeah i share your point of view
squallcloud9  +   923d ago
I was gonna get this game but after reading this opinion piece I decided not to. The author makes some valid points and I can't spend money on something this flawed. I wish this developer had this writer as part of their staff, as an advisor or tester or something, because then these flaws could have been prevented. HaHaHaHe. Just kidding.
InTheLab  +   923d ago
First off...overrated does not equal bad. Some of you are ignoring some major issues in the game, and they are major...not nit picks.

The gameplay here is stripped down from the last Bioshock.

No dual wielding vigors
No alternate fire
No special ammo
only 4 types of enemies and they are all boring aside from the Handyman
Enemies lack variety
Elizabeth is immortal and magically appears where ever you are.
Weapons are crap aside from the sniper rifle and carbine
Vigors range from pointless to over powered
Terrible enemy AI. They just rush at you or spam the volley gun. Occasionally, they'll just walk up to you and not do anything.

The game has an amazing narrative and the characters are top notch. Troy Baker is up there with Nolan North. Elizabeth is awesome. The city is beautiful.

The game is excellent but not the perfect 10 most critics and gamers are offering up.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   922d ago
I also expected graphics to be better. I feel Bioshock Infinite got a free pass on that. Remember reviewers bitching about Bioshock 1's pixelated Big Daddy back in PS3 version?
dafegamer  +   922d ago
perfect "10" doesnt necessary mean perfect. No game is perfect, but perfect "10" means is as flawless as a game could get(without comparing it to the first bioshock. Critics should judge a Game on its own, not to compare it to other versions)
Krew_92  +   922d ago
I enjoyed the game a lot. I didn't like BioShock 2, but I enjoyed this game a lot more.

This game reminded me of BioShock 1 for some reason. It had the same wow effect for me, from when 1 came out.

It's not like the game doesn't have its flaws though as you say. I agree with all of your points, but it doesn't make this game horrible as some people seem to perceive.
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vickers500  +   922d ago

Bioshock never had dual wielding plasmids. Therefore, this really isn't a major issue.

Bioshock also never had alternate fire. It had special ammo, but since you listed alternate fire AND special ammo, this leads me to think you don't know what you're talking about.

Infinite has Fire Men, Motorized Patriots, Boys of Silence, Handymen, Crows, Melee Soldiers, Rocket Soldiers, Sniper Soldiers, Ground Turrets, Mosquito Turrets and maybe one other that I can't think of at the moment.

Elizabeth 'appears' to be immortal because Comstock wants her ALIVE, he's probably given his soldiers orders not to kill her. It really surprises me that you hadn't thought of this. Elizabeth for the most part can keep up with you through realistic means, but when she can't, they teleport her to your side when you aren't looking because who the hell wants to make sure she's following us all the time? I sure don't want to backtrack to find her every time in order to keep the game slightly more realistic.

Your opinion on the weapons is nothing but that: an opinion, and is not a "major issue".

Same with vigors.

Enemy AI is FINE. It's no better and no worse than the majority of AI in games out today. Melee enemies rush you, yeah, but that is their job being melee enemies and all. Enemies with guns usually take a safe distance unless they're heavy hitters, which aren't really supposed to be all that intelligent, being that many of them are machines or are stupid, and even if they were intelligent, they can afford to use rush tactics seeing as how they have high health and can take a full frontal assault for quite a while.

There are problems with the game, I will admit that, but they're only problems among Bioshock games. They're not problems compared to most other games out there, since pretty much nothing but the previous bioshock compares to Infinite.
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InTheLab  +   922d ago
So an rpg the fires mines and turrets isn't alternate fire? Did you skip Bioshock 2?

You can fire a vigor and shoot at the same time so you're right about dual wielding vigors...well sort of.

You did a fine job of naming ( and padding for numbers...you listed both turrets..lol)all the enemies but their behaviors are the same. Shoot spam and melee... it got boring. You had to strategize for big daddy fights and you pretty much just shoot run repeat for Infinite`s equivalents.

Nothing to say about the weapons? Is there really a point in leveling up more than the two most useful and sticking with that the whole game?

The AI is crap and you're full of it on this point. You're telling me you never bump into the group of enemies that just walk up to you and do nothing? That happened at least 5 times during my playthrough...

So we pretty much agree with Elizabeth but you're wording is friendly.

Anyway...no one is saying it's a bad game. Just completely overrated and certain fans and critics glossed over issues that would kill other franchises...
vickers500  +   922d ago
"So an rpg the fires mines and turrets isn't alternate fire? Did you skip Bioshock 2?"

That's special ammo, not alternate fire.

"You did a fine job of naming ( and padding for numbers...you listed both turrets..lol)all the enemies but their behaviors are the same. Shoot spam and melee... it got boring. You had to strategize for big daddy fights and you pretty much just shoot run repeat for Infinite`s equivalents."

Not really all that much strategy required for big daddy fights spam electricity and shoot, and that would take one down. You could kill it more efficiently in creative ways, but those creative ways were never required to beat them. Hell, if you used the camera in bioshock at all, you could melee a big daddy to death in only a few hits, depending on the difficulty.

"Nothing to say about the weapons? Is there really a point in leveling up more than the two most useful and sticking with that the whole game?"

All the weapons are useful except maybe the machine gun. None of them "suck". The sniper rifle is good if you want to pick enemies off like a pansy or if you're doing it to beat 1999 mode, but it's not miles better other weapon. Maybe you only used those two weapons and used them efficiently, but that doesn't mean they're the only ones, or even the best ones, worth using. The point is finding the ones you like the most, because they're all great depending on the situation.

"The AI is crap and you're full of it on this point. You're telling me you never bump into the group of enemies that just walk up to you and do nothing? That happened at least 5 times during my playthrough..."

No, I can't say that has happened to me yet. Once they see me, they start attacking. I've never seen an enemy just sit there and stare at me. They always recognize me instantly and attack me. Maybe you're experiencing a glitch or something.

"Just completely overrated and certain fans and critics glossed over issues that would kill other franchises..."

No, it's not completely overrated, and no, these issues don't kill other franchises. Look at AI in the Uncharted games. Not any better than Bioshock Infinite. You can also use the same weapons in that game to breeze through the whole game. Ak47 pistol combo, there's really no need to use anything else.

As for Elizabeth, I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with the way she is handled. Games cannot conform 100% to reality due to constraints and issues with gameplay, so I don't really see the OCCASIONAL Elizabeth popping up behind you if you blaze past everything really quickly as a negative. It's just something that is NECESSARY, like respawning after you die.
vickers500  +   922d ago
I will agree that the game is not without fault and is not as good as the first Bioshock, and I have plenty of reasons why, but most of your reasons I just find ridiculous.

Real gripes:
-No special ammo (same thing as alternate fire)
-Enemies aren't as menacing or interesting as the first games enemies
-Characters, people and songbird are way underdeveloped even though they have so much potential
-2 weapon carry limit, which is by far my biggest complaint of the game
-Lack of telekinesis despite the fact it was shown in pre-release footage
-4 gear equip limit, I liked bioshock 1s amount of tonics and engineering
-No crossbow
-No upgradeable melee weapon
-Not as much creepiness or chilling atmosphere as the first game
-No permanent machine hacking

Those are some issues I find with the game, but they're only issues for a Bioshock game. Even with all those issues, it's still vastly superior to the majority of games out there. Almost no other game out there (barring a VERY select few) have created a world as gorgeous, beautiful and creative as Bioshock Infinite or a story as interesting as the one that Infinite provides.
InTheLab  +   922d ago
Truthfully, I think we have the same opinion of the game. The game is outstanding. As a shooter, it's only competition is the first Bioshock. It is better than most games this gen...I just feel like some of those issues both of us brought up keeps it from beating the original or Bioshock 2 as far as gameplay goes...and that's were we bump into the issue of it being overrated in my opinion.

I just feel like some of the options you had in previous titles are sorely missed here. My favorite parts of Bioshock was the camera system. It forced you to be creative as possible while dispatching enemies. Loading up a room full of traps and using the environment like the red tanks or puddles of water. While the puddles and oil spills make their return in Infinite, it's done in a lazy way.

This all falls back on the missing bits of gameplay. I don't know why Irrational left out a major chunk of gameplay. Your only tactical options are having Elizabeth create cover or a hook, so the game turns into a shooting gallery.

I feel like most critics kinda glossed over these points because the narrative is superior and the characters are amazing.

Anyway...I hate the bubble system. This was an interesting topic and it's obvious gamers seem to be split on this subject...

Lastly, I cant let this ammo thing go....lol

Alternate fire to me is switching from M16 to M60 grenade launcher...or the Launcher in B2 firing RPGs or turrets. Turrets are not ammo.

Switching from regular bullets to armor piercing is alternate ammo.

My brain tells me they're different...maybe you're right...lol
MakiSaad2  +   923d ago
Iv'e finished and it's awesoooome specially the jw dropping ending but I have to say yes it's overrated
dafegamer  +   923d ago
nah best game so far this year
Hydralysk  +   923d ago
I wouldn't really agree with Elizabeth being invincible as a complaint, it's stupid sure, but the alternative is her either being able to die which would suck, or having her go unconcious where you need to run over and smack some life into her like in Spec Ops, which means running out of cover. Maybe there is a better escort mechanic that avoids both problems, but I'd rather have her invincible than having to babysit her, and I don't remember her ever being attacked...

Other than that though I do agree with pretty much all the critcisms in the article. Infinite is a great game, one of the best I've played this year, but it has it's share of faults.
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ALLWRONG  +   923d ago
It's a good game, but it is overrated. It's GTA IV all over again. First Bioshock was much more unique, and twice as long.
dafegamer  +   922d ago
to call it GTA IV is really insulting in my opinion
4lc4pon3  +   922d ago
i beat Bioshock Infinite twice since release and its amazing. Especially the last 20-25 mins.

I recommend anyone to grab the game its stunning in every way.
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mania9   922d ago | Spam
PersonMan  +   922d ago
I hate first person shooters. Would I hate this?
Krew_92  +   922d ago
If you hate the FPS feeling in general, then yes you will hate this. I know some people get nauseated when playing FPS games the point of view just gets some people; However if you just hate FPS games that have no substance, are only played for online matches and are full of idiot children.

Then NO, you will not hate this game. This game actually has a good story, and pretty good game mechanics, it's not the average military FPS.

The game does have its flaws though, but what game doesn't? There will always be a little thing(s) to make a game seem imperfect.
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josephayal  +   922d ago
not bad games at all.. but
Bioshock Infinite is Overrated just like Dishonored end of story
fgwedfger   922d ago | Spam
HonestDragon  +   922d ago
What a load of video game "journalistic" crap. Every time a game does well financially and critically, there's always some over-opinionated gamer out there who wants to rain on everyone's good time with a thirty minute spun article like this. Extremely simplistic reasons for calling a game overrated and all for the sake of generating hits.

The author further tries to defend himself by making himself seem different from other writers by basically saying, "Oh, but I'll have a list for why the game is good, too. But the game is still overrated IMO! Trolololol." Explosion is really hit and miss with their articles.
Mr-Dude  +   922d ago
Did anyone else jump up when the Boy Of Silence at some point was behind you? Man, that scared for a second haha
kostchtchie_  +   922d ago
game was brilliant up to [SPOILER] the end of rescuing Elizabeth, then it went utter shit along with its garbage ending, all the max ratings are joke, no game should ever be 10/10
#24 (Edited 922d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Sony360  +   922d ago
Websites should reach a certain level of credibility before being featured here. Seriously, hit baiting is getting out of hand.
ATi_Elite  +   922d ago
Bioshock Infinite is such a great game and for a Website to come out with a Top 5 reason B:I is Overrated is just eWhoring for Webhits, nothing more nothing less.
KingMe42  +   921d ago
I actually like B1 the most, and B2 more than this one. Mostly for gameplay accepts. This is way too easy and casualized compared to the rest.

At least add a few second cooldown to Elizabeth's powers. And the whole changing equipment mid fight? Really? Not too mention weapon and power upgrades are all money based. Adam made choosing which powers to upgrade important. Weapon upgrades are shallow now, more damage, less recoil blah blah blah. Before they had kick ass effects and made the gun cool look cooler and unique.

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