Why Battlefield 4 will be awesome

The action packed 17 minute long sequence begins with four soldiers in a car that is slowly sinking into a lake in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is one of the two confirmed locations in Battlefield 4, China being the other one. The video had a lot of action going on for an opening sequence but the lighting, explosions and the destruction was insane. We are super excited for Battlefield 4 and if you don’t feel the same way you better read this -

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NastyLeftHook01882d ago

that 60 fps with that bf4 open map gameplay.

DoomeDx1882d ago

I already have BF3 with 60 FPS and openmap gameplay.

NastyLeftHook01881d ago

i never did. it must have been sweet.

BiggCMan1881d ago

Because EVERY other Battlefield game has been absolutely amazing!!

Ravenor1881d ago


They kinda have always been awesome. Taken in the context of when they came out, 64 player action in 2003 with the map sizes was pretty awesome and they have only improved on that with every iteration.

Even BF2:MC on the 360 was fun online.

Scenarist1881d ago

@doomdx what are you trying to say ?
this is stuff about Bf4

nothing to do with BF3

are you trying to say your one less noob i will get to kill when bf4 comes out because you wont be buying it because you already have bf3 ?

i guess you didnt play the older battlefields...
or any older game.. alll u do is play 1 in a series ? wow dude

wack as hell


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shauzy1881d ago

are you coming from the consoles?

PS4isKing_821881d ago

Not big on fps but bf4 looks amazing. I really hope this is a launch game game on ps4.

Zha1tan1881d ago

Seems everyone has been won over by the shiny again, I'm not buying it unless it has all the elements of warfare from 1942 improved upon and additions like more players than 64 on PC and multiple new vehicles and more than just 2 factions.

Ravenor1881d ago

Because the ships were really key to the experience?

Zha1tan1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

They added an extra element to the experience which enhanced it.

Their removal was frowned upon (among multiple other things they removed) by me and many other PC players.

Flavor1881d ago

Dude think about it a game that comes out a decade later has fewer factions, fewer weapons, and fewer vehicles.

CoD ruined FPS for the foreseeable future.

tee_bag2421881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Agreed. 1945 had 64 players. Fast forward to BF4.. Why are we still stuck at 64 ? also removing the bot mode for honing our skills.
BF4 looks great and I'm sure is another step foward, but why talk away features that made the game a success.

@ Ravenor - yeah the ships were part of the experience. You didn't have to use them but the option was there.
It was part of a battlefield experience - hence the title of the game.

joab7771881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I agree though its multiplayer, while shiny is actually really good. Now, I always thought that they should either ditch the sp or go all out with something amazing. The money would be better spent on mp, whether competitive or some type of co op. Anyway I am happy to see that dynamic weather and day cycles in mp...possibly. most games launch with a few maps and this could essentially triple that. Add in environmental or man made destruction amd the maps can be different every time. It would help a lot with the monotny

derekcoaker1881d ago

The ships were an awesome option, I'd love to have them back.

T21881d ago

Ez fix for baserape every base should be equipped with heavy guns that rape anyone who baserapez like the AA gun ..other than that bf is king

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