Spot The Differences In This BioShock Infinite Gameplay Video… From 2010

Kotaku: Take any game and compare its released version to a build from three years ago (if it even existed) and you’re going to notice more than a few changes. BioShock Infinite is no exception and while we can’t dig through Irrational’s source control for a previous iteration of the game, we can use old videos as a point of comparison.

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Nitrowolf21816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

In a way, I'm really glad they didn't go with this direction.

I liked this demo a lot, the atmosphere is more akin to Rapture than the current one. I'm sure it would have been a superb game if it was like this at all. The thing with the new build though is that everything feels like it has personality and it doesn't feel like everyone hates you for some unknown reason (^:05 mark, why did he shoot you???). I mean there are bars, and normal people who don't attack you and such. Areas are calm, and then they go dark. Here it's all dark throughout as if your all alone. The city has life in the final build.

One thing I will say though is that the 2010 demo looked to be built more on an Open World seeing that the Sky-Line go to many many many different places of Colomubia (looks to be explorable in every location with Sky-line)

Lets not forget though, this and the final game are completely different. They re-wrote the game plenty of times, thus the delays and such. Liz has a lot of powers in this and that has been scrapped.

Deputydon1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I finished the game yesterday, and while I do think it was great, I would have preferred something closer to this version. There isn't a single instance of Elizabeth being able to do anything more than bring in supplies or some type of automated turret in combat. The example of her being able to combine things from the environment and you being able to use telekinesis to take control of it was something I was waiting for the entire game and was never able to do.

I also would have preferred a more open world sky-line system and was actually disappointed that I couldn't beat people with the classic Bioshock wrench while traveling along it.

BUT my biggest issue with the final game, is that while I LOVED the environments and citizens when you weren't in combat, they didn't feel as dark, violent, and insane as Bioshock 1 when you were in combat. Just kind of felt like normal enemies in a shooting game except for the Handymen, which there were not even many of.

Heavenly King1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

The demo feels so much better. The truth is that Bioshock Infinite was rushed. You dont even fight Songbird in the final game, which was according that was shown THE BOSS of the game. And the Skyline system in this demo was more open than in the actual final game in which you just go in circles when you jump in one.

In this demo you dont even see the concept of multiple dimensions. As you can see Elizabeth use true power and not "tear's thing". And also she does not give you healing items, nor ammo; which makes a more intense combat as you can see in this video. It is like if Levine has gone through making the game 2-3 times, and because of that he ended up with the multiple realities thing. You can even see that this Elizabeth is one of the "other" Elizabeths in the ending.

The enemies in the demo were not just normal dudes with a rifle. That is one of the most meh thing about this game. It is like you are fighting COD dudes with some dudes from now and then that throw you crows or fire balls. But most of the experience is COD when fighting in this game. But if they were psychotic, or berserkers as in this demo it would have given the game another feeling.

In the end, Bioshock 1 will always be a better game.

jrbeerman111816d ago

i wouldn't call this game rushed by any means. I also liked how the current version was different than rapture in more than in the sky as opposed to underwater.

instead of recycling the "people are insane" route, they created multiple conflicts to make it more believable. ie false prophet, and vox populi.

Also being able to see columbia in its glory really adds a sense of beauty to the game giving a good contrast to the "everybody wants to kill you and the city is falling apart" parts of the game.

really makes me want a prequel to bioshock 1 where we see rapture "start" to deteriorate instead of it being hell before we get there. a chance to see what it was meant to be.

vanethe1816d ago

i like the game we have now , but Elizabeth in the demo had a better role , i think im halfway through the game and i keep waiting for her to actually fight with me

Picnic1816d ago

Is there actually any part of the game where you see a bell fall in front of you or the man with the demonic eyes (or even seen enemies using the skylines) as I have been playing for many hours and haven't come across them.

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