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Connor White says: "A cracking script and moments of bliss in freedom can’t hide an ultimately mundane title, which is what the colourful Lego product should never be.

It’s just a really boring game."

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Sidology1879d ago

oh dang, even i didn't expect to see a score this low for the game

krazykombatant1879d ago

Shit review really game is a solid 7-8

LKHGFDSA1879d ago

and people were listing this as an exclusive wii u title worth bragging about.

MasterCornholio1879d ago

The game might not be the killer AAA exclusive that the Wii U needs but it isn't a bad game. I'm not really into Lego games but the majority of critics say that this game is pretty good.

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OMNlPOTENT1878d ago

It has the exact same Metacritic score as God of War: Ascension. So you're implying that God of War: Ascension isn't an exclusive PS3 title worth bragging about?

SpiralTear1878d ago

Please don't bring Metacritic into this argument. Please...just don't.

Kran1879d ago

Oh come on. The game isn't THIS bad. I'm enjoying it, and im 20... :/

mcstorm1878d ago

I have to agree I am enjoying this game when I can get on it as my other half is hooked and im 28 and she is 23.

I've only seen this review and one more give the game a low score the rest have been 8 to 9 out of 10 which I think it is.

I hope this game sells well as this could be made as the Nintendo gta game.

NastyLeftHook01879d ago

there way to harsh on wii u games, they added a tablet (another way to play) this game has more features technically than ps3/360 versions.

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