Custom Hell: An In-depth Analysis of Team Fortress 2 User-created Maps

Nick Breckon of shacknews poses an interesting question:

"Why have there been so few Team Fortress 2 maps released by Valve? And where are all the great custom levels to fill in the gaps?"

He continues to write:

"The following is knowledge gained through immense sacrifice, the result of a three-day binge on bad maps and toxic voice chat. I played with teammates who didn't understand how to jump. I walked through maps that didn't even have textures. I braved servers branded with bone-chilling warning signs: "Beware all ye who enter here with racist names.

Did I find custom map nirvana, or was I doomed to walk the land as designed by a 14-year-old who skipped the Hammer tutorial? Read the following mini-reviews to find out, all organized--in Old Man Murray fashion--by how long I could play the map before I physically felt pain."

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