Haze: Interview with Derek Littlewood

TotallyPS3 recently caught up with Creative Lead at Free Radical Design, Dave Underwood to ask him more about the game on every PS3 users lips, Haze...

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brocool3658d ago

haha littlewood

gta4 is coming out and this game will be on the back shelves for a while.. maybe untill resistance 2 comes out, then it will be buried forever. I'll still buy it though

Chubear3658d ago

.. but only a couple of months later you're saying you can only get and play one lol.

1) This will be the first FSP to come out on the PS3 in NA this year and only the second in EU so it's not like there's been a boat load already and people are tired of the genre this year.
It's also only the second exclusive FPS on PS3 so yes, alot of gamers are anticipating this one alot.

2) I'm sorry but there's no way on earth I'm passin up on a game that is being developed by those responsible for Iconic games like Timesplitters, Perfect Dark & Golden eye.

If the 360 fanbase were all giddy inwait for golden eye on XBL, an ancient game, done by the same developers as HAZE, then I have no clue why they'd be baffled at why the PS3 fanbase are eagerly awaiting this game.

hotshot1273658d ago

only time i talk about this game is when im talking sh!t about it to be honest. i just lost interest in this game. maybe last year would have been good but now its just kind've.........not as appealing i guess. its too much revolving around haze. sorry but this game wont get my money.

mgs4, littlebigplanet, killzone 2, resistance 2, socom, motorstorm 2, grand theft auto, midnightclub, and tekken will be taking my money this year though.

name3658d ago

It's coming out in may and I don't think anything else is. It seems like a good time for it to come out since I most likely won't be buying anything else that month. Unless SCIV or some other multiplat is coming out that month that I dunno about.

Phil Harrison Mk43658d ago

[Joe] And finally…can we expect any monkeys?

[Derek] There’s currently a big box of monkeys sat here in the office marked ‘For TS4 usage only – DO NOT TOUCH’. Make of that what you will.

This game WILL be brill!!! ;-P
+This is the real 'RARE' to;)
Not sure why Microsoft bought RARE for ;-D

Phil Harrison Mk43658d ago

They did make GoldenEye + Perfect Dark + TimeSplitters1,2,3 ;-P
It's gotta be good!!! ;-P
Poor Micro$oft!!!They bought 'RARE' but the best people left to make games for the PlayStation 2&3!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

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The story is too old to be commented.