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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1044d ago | opinion piece

The One Twist in BioShock Infinite's Ending You Might Have Missed Completely

Forbes - I’ve had a blast the past few days reading through the hundreds of comments on this post. In it, I spent 3,000 words discussing the mind-bending ending of the BioShock Infinite, and readers spent thousands more giving their own opinions on all the events that unfold in the finale. (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Fistedcupps  +   1044d ago
I always thought that elizabeth was like a grown little sister and songbird was a oversized big daddy with wings.
Kran  +   1043d ago
Good. I'm not the only one who thought that too.
r21  +   1044d ago
I thought Jack from Bioshock was rapidly grown clone/son of Andrew Ryan, not some guy from a parallel universe of the Bioshock universe.

Bioshock Infinite SPOILERS DOWN BELOW. Im putting this here in case some curious folks wanna read the article without finishing the game first.

Might as well ask here too, I just finished the game(mindblowingly awesome, jaw dropped when Rapture appeared) and other than the time stuff, I have one question. Who or what is Songbird? Is he like one of the Handyman or is it just a machine?
kremit-21  +   1044d ago
I think songbird is a version of dewitt.
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r21  +   1044d ago
I actually thought it was Elizabeth's real mother or Lady Comstock. Another DeWitt could be possible too though.
TheOneWhoIsTornApart  +   1043d ago
I swear there is a moment where DeWitt is telliing Elizabeth that he will never stop protecting her no matter what and then not very long after that Comstock says the exact same thing but instead he is talking about Songbird will never stop and will always protect her. I think this is a giant hint that DeWitt was Songbird. Songbird was also created with Big Daddy technology. That is hinted through a voxaphone from Fink.
ded1020  +   1044d ago
while i agree mostly with this guy, I don't want to think that they're one in the same too much, because then, seeming, Booker beat the game/series and we don't get any new ones =(.

Better to go out on top i guess. I wonder what the spiritual successor to this will be...Rhythm Shock?
TheOneEyedHound  +   1044d ago
What news paper? Nobody knew rapture existed, plus they didn't even take place in the same time.
The_Klank  +   1044d ago
In one of the voice recordings they talk about getting the plans and ideas of human machine hybrids from another dimension. Possibly Rapture.
TheOneEyedHound  +   1043d ago
Ok if that is the case
A: They would not tell anybody, why? ComStock is supposedly a prophet, he will not ruin his image by telling people he stole an idea.

B: Why would you tell anybody? When you could go down in history as the inventor of something.
The_Klank  +   1044d ago
Anyone see this

At the 14 sec mark you can hear songbird in the original Bioshock.
I want to beleive Ken has some kind of foresight superpower.
JonnyBigBoss  +   1043d ago
Sounds like metal squeaking from pressure, not Songbird. :(
theDECAY  +   1043d ago
While I loved Bioshock Infinite, isn't it just a little too easy to use the multiverse theory to come up with whatever ideas people want? I'm not saying that a tear couldn't have gifted many ideas to the world of Columbia, just like the Beach Boys song in the beginning, but saying that Booker is one in the same as Jack or Comstock is one in the same as Ryan is just simplifying it down too much for me.

Finding similarities in Elizabeth and the little sisters is mostly just speculation and we all have to remember that the same great mind came up with both of these brilliant ideas and he has a passion for telling this kind of story.

I will agree that there are connections (i.e. the light house) and there may even be connections that I am not seeing, but to say that they are basically one in the same is a little over the top for me. There is no certainty that Rapture has any connection besides being a different world seen through a tear.
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Sony360  +   1043d ago
"While I was playing through BioShock Infinite, I thought it was strange that there were literally no references to Rapture or Andrew Ryan at all. Like, zero. Even if it wasn’t integrated into the plot, I thought perhaps I’d at least find a newspaper clipping lying around talking about that “other” unbelievable city, or some passing mention of a rivalry between Ryan and Comstock or something."

That's probably because it's set 50 years before the first Bioshock. How was that hard to miss?
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LightSamus  +   1043d ago
The lack of Rapture in Infinite is because Infinite is set in 1912. Rapture isn't created until 1946.

As such, Rapture doesn't exist in any shape or form until 34 years have passed following Infinite's plot. This article seems to be missing that key fact completely and going off on one.
SAE  +   1043d ago
I was planning to see the years of rapture and infinite. It's good that you mentioned it. But i think it's connected in a way. Maybe Booker and Anna are the creators of rapture because the key always was in hand of Anna or she just can access anything or she stole/created it in a time in the future or something like that...
SAE  +   1043d ago
Why you people don't mention the vita chamber ?.. It's in rapture ! It wasn't hard to see it ...

On topic.
The story says that the purpose of Booker mission was made up from his mind because he was mentally sick from thinking a lot about Anna(Elizabeth). And he is Comstock too..

infinite reference is not only for a huge worlds that never end unless we all die before we are born(Because in the game it's impossible to all of us die in the same time because if we die there are other versions of us) . It's for the endless possibilities in every story because of the choices we can make but in the same time it's already been in destiny and everything is connected(In the shape of Light houses that considered Gates to the another worlds , Similar in look , but different in choices ). But after all of that the endings will lead to one similar place.

So they admit that there is a GOD in the game lol..

This is the only thing that i understood lol . I'm replaying the game so i will figurer it this time. Had many problems when i played it first time. That's why i didn't enjoy it a lot..

Edit: The game only focus on one religion in it so he see mistakes in that religion . There are other religions so it's not smart only doing that and i see where people may get offended. Imagine if they didn't remove the offending story xD . Booker make his mind only think about reason. Which is good because my religion is about reason. but there are things we can't understand them that's why we have religion. Just wanted to make an opinion about what i think so i hope people don't understand me wrong..
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SAE  +   1043d ago
He either believed about the religion in the game and did it in the ending or he just wanted or forced to die so his dream doesn't become reality ..
TheOneEyedHound  +   1043d ago

ComStock is Booker if he got baptised that day.

Since he did get baptise he was forgiven for all his sins, and so he put all of it behind him.

Resulting in him changing his name to Zachery Hale ComStock and creating Columbia.

He then teams up with the Lutece Twins, which create some sort of time travel(Tears) .

They Now go into the future & past stealing ideas.

In the process he goes a Tear, to when Booker didn't get baptise.

Booker being a drunk gambing man, he sells his daughter to ComStock and ComStock takes her to his time.

The Lutece Twins help Booker find and get Elizabeth back.

The thing I didn't understand was how did Booker get into Columbia over 100 times(hint: head & tails)
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Jackieboy7st  +   1042d ago
Anyone else notice songbird and booker died the same way and by the hand of Elizabeth
Jackieboy7st  +   1042d ago
Ok Bioshock one and infinite are set in two different tears or whatever. But they are the same story being told with INFINITE Solutions. the anwser to the end is that infinite has a big relapse in time that sends you through endless cycle too I guess Kill zh but really booker is zh and I'm guess after at the end of the game when booker "dies" everything is erased, no more booker no ZH no Anna and no Columbia

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