Assassin's Creed will be annual until players say stop

Destructoid: Ubisoft Montreal's head honcho, Yannis Mallat, recently told Eurogamer at GDC that they have no intention of taking a breather, as he believes that fans are eager for more. "The players will tell us. Right now there are more and more coming into the franchise, so I don't see that day ... It's our breakthrough. When you have quality content, the frequency of coming out with the game is not an issue at all."

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Nimblest-Assassin1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

What the hell are they talking about?

Almost everyone wants them to stop the yearly releases.It effects the quality of the overall games and feels stale.

But im guessing they are talking about "sales" and not actual opinions

sigh... they probably have AC5 and 6 in the works already

nutcrackr1907d ago

Yeah sales, when they start dropping away they'll just call the franchise worn out and toss it aside for 10 years until the reboot it.

yaz2881907d ago

"But im guessing they are talking about "sales" and not actual opinions"

what else is there? of course they are talking about the sales. when the game stop selling .. No more ac.

I hope they start working on ac6 from now,so then when they announce it in 2015. we can be exited again.

Neixus1907d ago

In an interview they said the already started working on the next installment, don't remember where i found it, was on gamereactor i think.

nukeitall1907d ago

"Almost everyone wants them to stop the yearly releases."

Everyone who?

From a sales standpoint, it is selling like hotcakes topping the charts every year. The biggest vouch of a product is the actual sale!

"It effects the quality of the overall games and feels stale."

To you, but many others do not feel that way. Keep in mind that the fans continue to buy it.

As long as it is quality content that sells, I see no reason for Ubisoft to stop.

Keep in mind that these games creates profit i.e. money that can go into creating new IPs like Watchdog which are expensive endeavors and carry a huge amount of risk.

Commandar_Shepard1907d ago

Hopefully the sales will start to drop after the dissapointment AC3 was. It was hyped up to be one of the best games this generation, which caused many people to go out and buy it, but what we got instead was a buggy mess with a six hour tutorial and an incredibly awful modern day story.

aCasualGamer1907d ago

Why should they stop?

The series gets better with every new release. As long as they continue making the games better and more compelling i'll keep enjoying them. It's not like you have to buy the game, but don't prevent others from enjoying the series. You always have a choice, don't like it then don't buy it. I loved the sea missions in AC3 and am really glad they're building on it in AC4.

admiralvic1907d ago

A LOT (I mean a huge number) of people seem to forget that the online communities speak for a small minority out there. If sites like N4G was an accurate display of what the average consumer is thinking, CoD would be a less popular game or somewhat different, Vanquish would have hit GOTY (same with Bayonetta) and plenty of other flops would have done great and vice versa.

rpd1231907d ago

Of course it's about sales. People buy it so they assume that people want it. If you don't like the yearly releases, then don't buy it. Vote with your dollar, that's how capitalism works.

And I might add that the vast majority of people who play Assassin's Creed have no problem with yearly releases. Most people here do, but N4G isn't exactly representative of the entire gaming population.

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Seraphim1907d ago

well my wallet says stop. I have no plans to pick up Black Flag. I absolutely loved the series but this annual BS and AC2 Trilogy has grown tiresome and boring and many other things... As a matter of fact I have yet to even crack AC3 because I simply have no interest. Had it not been for my stupid preorder w/ a steelbook case coming I'd have canceled my purchase before release. Disappointed was I when I got a standard size case & not a PS3 size one. Lol.... come to think of it last year I only played Revelations for a few hours before I was bored with playing yet another AC....

In any given year I probably complain about the lack of great action/adventure titles because those are what I love and predominately play. But the annual release of anything just kills everything about a great game/series. They had it right when waiting a year between AC and AC2 then suddenly like the Cash Cow it is they said giddy up and it's been downhill since.

jrbeerman111907d ago

i pretty much skipped the filler games in the series, buying ac1 ac2 and ac3. Not sure what ill do with black flag if its just AC3.2 yearly releases just dont work for me.

1907d ago
Rainstorm811907d ago

Hearing this makes me want to wait and see the improvements in next years AC instead of buying Black Flag.

I'm only buying AC titles at 30 or less , no need to buy day one the price will drop since there will be a new one next year, you could get AC3 fr 30 all throughout the holiday and probably find it now for that much.....Best way to go with yearly releases

Mounce1906d ago

Players won't stop until the company and consumers drive the series to the ground.

I'd honestly hate to be a developer having to craft cities over and over and over so often. Rockstar at least are given time to polish a brand new city and make it alive. This? Give a team a handful of months to hack up a new town in a few months and leave it like stale bread.

jhenri1906d ago

You do know they have multiple teams working on different AC games right? The same team isn't doing them all every year.

ALLWRONG1906d ago

What does the red octagonal sign say?

3-4-51906d ago

I'm not buying the next one....I'll wait until next gen 2-3 years from now...

AC3 was ok but it also lost it's appeal to me with that game as well.

It's kind of weird but I don't even care about the AC series anymore.

They've had 5 games to impress me and I loved AC2 and that was about it.

IMightBeRetarded1905d ago

Came here to say this after haha. I hate annual releases. Lower quality games, less fun, more money. Companies may like it but it will ruin the franchise. Look at guitar hero and call of duty will probably see the same thing within a few years.

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Root1907d ago

Yeah we want you to stop...look on the forums or something you can see we hate what you've done to AC

rpd1231907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Again, people on forums don't represent the gaming community as a whole at all. They're a vocal minority. Dollar votes are what counts, and people are still spending money every year on Assassin's Creed. If they had a problem, they wouldn't buy it, and AC3 wouldn't have sold millions of copies.

Every game they put out is quality, I don't see why people have a problem with yearly releases of good games. If they don't want to play them, then fine, but don't stop making games because a vocal minority wants you to.

SpaceFox1906d ago

You're absolutely right. DICE developers have said so themselves and it's the reason Battlefield 3 went the direction it did. The forums expressed their disapproval constantly but the sales said it all.

Lucreto1907d ago

People will have to stop buying the games i they want change.

AC3 sold 14 million so they won't stop.

Neo Nugget1907d ago

Yep. People saying "stop" here and on the forums should really just stop paying attention to the series, imo. Plenty of people still enjoy it a great deal, so simply stopping just because it's being released every year is a bit silly. Despite the vocal minority's opinion, the games are really quite good.

Once Assassin's Creed starts getting 4-6/10 scores from reviewers across the board, then you have my permission to say "stop".

Nimblest-Assassin1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

The vocal minority?

The people who are telling it to stop are fans who have been playing AC since the first one. (Ignore the jaded who never played the games, or think they are overrated)

AC is so unique, that it deserves time and care for these games to be crafted.

Simply put, the yearly releases prevent AC from reaching its true potential.

I don't want them to kill AC, but just slow the releases down. Maybe a new game every 2-3 years.

Not annually.

With so many games coming out this year and new consoles, I really don't care much for AC4, and thats disappointing for me.

SAE1907d ago

I bought all AC games and i want them to stop making it every year and try to make the gameplay more challenging. I will buy the next AC because i like the story ..

RmanX10001907d ago

Assassin's Creed doesnt need CoD syndrome... AC is actually good.

Moncole1907d ago

And there are people who say CoD is good.

sourav931907d ago

Aww come on! CoD is the best thing to come into our lives ever since sliced bread!!!1!!1!one!1!1!!


TheGrimOfDeath1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

COD is good to release some stress and have fun, I just play some zombies on easy difficulty to have fun.

But yes that will never compare to the story of Mass Effect or Metal Gear Solid kind of fun.

Just my say guys. You can disagree if you want.