Should You Sell Your Old Console?

The next generation is on the horizon, and as such it’s time to once again start saving. Selling your old Xbox or Playstation could help you afford them, but what about all those games? Will they just gather dust on your shelf? You could sell them, but with them all your progress and hard work will follow. You’ve invested countless hours playing that console, why should you sell it? Not only does it offer a sense of nostalgia, it is also necessary to play your games.

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GraveLord1883d ago ShowReplies(1)
Magnus1883d ago

I won't sell my older consoles need something to play 360 and PS3 games specially if the next gen doesn't have backwards compatibility.

Baylex1883d ago

Yeah.. just bought the other day one ps3 slim.. neve had one. So I'm pretty happy with it.. did a nice deal 140€ with shipping costs included, a ps3 slim with nfs shift and WRC. Playing all the uncharteds, Ratchet and Calnks, Killzones, God of War, Journey etc etc! All those games I missed..

And maybe I'll buy a xbox 360 if I spot some good deal! I'm a gamer not a fanboy ;)

Brucis1883d ago

Does the next console have backwards compatibility for my favorite games? Sure I guess. If not I'll just keep it.

SDF Repellent1883d ago

If the Next Xbox has BC, I will trade the X360 in for store credit. If not, I will keep it.

Donnieboi1883d ago

Makes perfect sense. Same reason for why i'm keeping my PS3 when I get a PS4.

grassyknoll1883d ago

Selling your Playstation 3 if you have plus is madness!

LOGICWINS1883d ago

Not if the money you get from that sale goes towards a brand spankin new PS4 in the fall.

NastyLeftHook01883d ago

well i got the 3 month plan and used 2 months so...

grassyknoll1883d ago

Fair enough, I'm on plus until 2017 so definitely keeping it for the time being!

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The story is too old to be commented.