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Proof or Spoof?: VITA finally gets its (unofficial) Capture Card.

Could it be that VITA has finally gotten the in-game footage capture so many have desired? Coobe! (PS Vita)

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porkChop  +   466d ago
I'm assuming that's supposed to be a modded Vita because the Vita has no port on that side.

Anyway I went to the buy link and when translated the word "Fake" or "False" appears in the name of these things...

I don't trust it.
jujubee88  +   466d ago
Really? Because others have already gotten theirs.
Here is another guy with one,

Ritsujun  +   465d ago
Heavenly King  +   465d ago
those VITAS have another USB port. It is obviously modded.
admiralvic  +   465d ago
Post 3 says it's literally hard modded...
Cloudberry  +   465d ago
It's real.
This user already used it.

Just read his comments & video description:


Another with Uncharted Golden Abyss:

MakiManPR  +   465d ago
Its real. Haven't you see the 3DS Capture card videos on Youtube? He's the original creator not Loopy. Loopy buy the boards from him.

You can buy a PS Vita withe Capture Board already installed or you can buy just the CaptureBoard and you install it(Need soldering).

The guy is on vacations in Hawaii until April 2nd. So no orders will be processed until then.

BTW here is the original Forum where everything started. I was the one that told them how to order from the website.


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admiralvic  +   465d ago
I don't know why people are disagreeing with you... the thing is literally hard modded...
Heavenly King  +   465d ago
yeah, it even has an extra USB slot.
SilentNegotiator  +   465d ago
Just another reason I'm waiting for a future iteration before buying a Vita; No native video output, just like PSP 1000.
FlyingFoxy  +   465d ago
Can you send a Vita to them to mod it for you?
jujubee88  +   465d ago
Yes, you can!
You need to ship it to the place and pay an extra $200 USD for them to mod your VITA.

....I just have no idea how to go about that. Sorry. :(
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telekeneticmantis  +   465d ago
What a dumb move not having a way to capture video footage in the first place. Sony has given the Vita a year full of bad advertisement, because all these reviews show barely visable footage and horrible looking cam footage.
jon1234  +   465d ago
i think there is, didnt see see the killzone videos? people were playing the game as it was being out putted to a tv

porkChop  +   465d ago
Those are dev units. They have a video-out port.

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