Tomb Raider: What Lara Learnt from Uncharted

Tomb Raider: What Lara Learnt from Uncharted: Maybe Uncharted wouldn't exist without Lara Croft's success in Tomb Raider, but that doesn't mean that Crofty doesn't owe a thing or two to Nathan Drake and chums Here's what Lara learnt from Naughty Dog's epic PlayStation series Uncharted

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GraveLord1635d ago

Is that even a word?

I believe "learned" is the word you're looking for CVG.

rezzah1635d ago

Learnt is a word. Just look up the differences/similarities on google.

I'm not into the specifics for the usage of words in various manners, but it is interesting.

Parapraxis1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

It's not really proper for journalism.
"Ain't" is also a word, but like "learnt", it's rare to see it used if you are trying to show a certain level of professionalism.

rezzah1635d ago

You are right, but actually being a word and being used for professional purposes is entirely two different things.

ArchangelMike1635d ago

Well tbh the new Tomb Raider is good and all, but it just doesn't match Uncharted. Character depth and Character interaction.

From Uncharted 1 all the way through to 3 the characters where believable, likable and had depth. Uncharted 2 being for me the high point for the series in terms of character depth.

Tomb Raider on the other hand had 2 dimensional characters. Lara Herself being the most realised. However compared to Naughty Dogs implementation of Character and likability for Nathan Drake, Chrytal Dynamics Lara Croft also comes across as very 2 dimensional.

FAT MAN GO BOOM1635d ago

WOW seeing them side by side... it is scary how close Tomb Raider is to Uncharteds games...

From the way the story is told to moves and actions...

I have tomb raider and it is great so far.. but like my son says...

"Dad is that girl Nathan Drake"

Uncharted is king !!! Tomb Raider not too far behind..

chukamachine1635d ago

I find it funny.

I've played every tomb raider there is.

Uncharted is nothing like it.

But they have taken tons from uncharted to make the new tomb raider. You only have to watch that vid.

I've got TR on pc and it's a good game. But does not feel as special as any of the uncharted games.

jetlian1635d ago

to bad the stuff in this vid can be found in tomb raider before uncharted

Imalwaysright1634d ago

Yep pretty much everything. After all TR set the template for every 3D adventure game.

StrongMan1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I'm about 3 hours into Tomb Raider and I must say it doesn't hold a candle to Uncharted.

After watching that video it's clear that Tomb Raider copied Uncharted and not the other way around.

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The story is too old to be commented.