Battlefield 4 rises to the top of pre-order charts

Battlefield 4 is already the most pre-ordered game at GameStop and other retailers.

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nitrogav1717d ago

Pre order's would double again if PS4 was included !!

NastyLeftHook01716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

dude it would triple. its ps4 were talking about.

@hk5a, devs need to stop messing around with the wii u, nintendo has amazing franchises. the best in gaming. the wii u will be a success, i really really want to see nintendo come out of this.

HK5A1716d ago

No. The Wii U will, but it's sad because the devs can't tell how great consle the Wii U is.

shadowraiden1716d ago

it wont be a success because it will have the same problem the gamecube had which is oh look it has about 10 good games over the course of 5 years. its not enough to warrent buying that console.

DeadlyFire1716d ago

Devs care very much so about sales numbers and numbers units of consoles in people's homes.

They already know PS4/X720 will get the majority of the attention with their hardware and WiiU will be the new beginner console. Nintendo doesn't strive to achieve anything else really. They just want you to play.

In a year or two everything will be ported to WiiU. Once it hits a decent install base of 10+ Million.

taquito1716d ago

pc version will be the definitive version once agian, more players, better graphics, dedicated servers, 60 frames and better controls

cannot wait for bf4!

seanpitt231716d ago

Your telling us something we already know I wouldn't be to sure with the ps4 version though

DeadlyFire1716d ago

Player count on next consoles will match up to PC. I am willing to bet money on that.

Sure sure servers on PC, better controls, better graphics. I will give you those. PS4 version will be good enough for me for awhile. I might get the PC version when its bundled with all DLC.

djthechamp241716d ago

Its just a video game dude, calm down bro

NastyLeftHook01716d ago

@shadow, maybe for a cheaper price. IF it only has that few great titles.

PS4isKing_821716d ago

I'm very excited for BF4 after that 17min video last week. If that's gunna be a launch game on ps4 this holiday season with those quality graphics from that trailer, holy crap Sony is in for possibly the greatest console launch in history. Along with of course knack, infamous second son, killzone, watch dogs etc.

Oh well who needs money anyway right? :D

DeadlyFire1716d ago

As long as there is enough Ramen in the house to survive. Its all good.

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