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Steam Box's Fundamental Flaw

Eskimo Press: It's happening; Valve is making its leap onto the couch gaming scene. Imagine having instant access to hundreds of your favorite games at launch? That'll be the case if the Steam Box is linked to your own Steam account. However, if that's the case, there is one big set back.

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Community1694d ago
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sjaakiejj1694d ago

There's a flaw in the argument. They state that games are ported to PC, and are often optimised for a certain graphics card (or manufacturer), and they appear to assume that the games on Steam will automatically also be on the Steambox.

This is false and not thought through properly.

1) It is beneficial for developers to optimise their games for the Steam Box, and as such the games will be optimised for any graphics card that it has.

2) Any game to be published to the Steam Box needs to run on Linux. This means a separate porting effort is always required, and as such, optimisation for the Steam Box is only logical.

kikoano1694d ago

You can install windows if you want you can install linux and windows on one box like valve sayed its open system(pc)

sjaakiejj1694d ago

Yes, but the box isn't geared or marketed towards the functionality. Users are not expected to install Windows in order to play their games, and therefore any game built or ported for the Steam Box must at the very least run on Linux.

kevnb1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

games running on straight up linux opengl run better than on windows with minimal effort. Heck the linux kernel helps androids java like setup be somewhat comparable to iOS. Its really an amazing OS.
Partner up nvidia and valve on it, and they will blow microsoft or sony out of the water. I mean nvidia has pc optimization nearly inline with console optimization 90% of the time despite the os overheads and the api limitations.

nthstew1694d ago

lol hurrah you found a flaw like every thing around us is flawless......

kevnb1694d ago

well the article is full of crap. Its very rare that the pc version isnt much better, even on old hardware. Not to mention the tons of PC exclusive games that come out every year, that these sorts of bloggers just ignore.
Consoles are around because of simplicity and availability. If my mom wants to buy a gaming system she knows what an xbox 360 is, but has no idea what a video card even looks like. The retail stores keep selling the cheap crappy laptops, and most people think amount of ram is the most important part for performance.
Luckily for gamers things on the PC have been getting streamlined over the years. Audio and video over a single cable is simple with hdmi. XInput gives users and developers a standard for gamepads. Driver updates and game updates have become automated as standard, if devs want to be lazy they can just use steam. Steam has made installing mods as easy as bidding on something using ebay. Strong digital distribution models mean developers arent screwed by retail, users get the games they want easier than before, and older games are a click away. No greedy corporations selling hardware at a loss just to gauge publishers and users later on, so no huge licensing fees and/or xbox live subscriptions. Optimizations and compatibility is much better than ever before thanks to strong efforts by nvidia and amd doing its best to compete. Over time 99% of pc games have near console optimization, but can scale much higher thanks to non static hardware. The forums and bloggers and even mainstream websites paint this odd picture, but then 90% of the time they admit the game they are focusing on is a great version...