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Submitted by Rashid Sayed 1049d ago | news

Cerny on PS4 Supporting 4K Resolution: "We're Still in the Initial Stages"

"PlayStation 4 system architech Mark Cerny recently spoke to the Japanese press about a variety of things related to the console, most of it technical. This includes the popular topic of 4K resolution gaming and whether the PS4's games would feature the same.

Cerny was a little reserved when answering, stating that, "Personally, I’m very interested in 4K." (Next-Gen, PS4, Tag Invalid)

tachy0n  +   1049d ago
4K is awesome but 4K TV's pricing is not at all lol

a future-proof PS4 is the best thing that can happen to anybody since consoles have to last many years in each generation.
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Seraphim  +   1049d ago
that's exactly it. future proofing. I'm afraid 4k tvs are too expensive but 2-3 years from now will they be the new norm? Pretty sure my next upgrade will be 4k. You can argue either way regarding 4k but personally I see it as being a must. I know it's a feature I definitely want to see. It's hard to imagine something even better coming in the next 4 years. Of course with a good receiver you can upscale to 4k anyway so....
SilentNegotiator  +   1049d ago
Nah, I doubt 4K will be anything big until at LEAST the 9th gen. And even by then, I'm sure running games at 4K resolutions will still be ridiculous.
kingPoS  +   1048d ago
4k TV's are cheap in China from what I hear.
Blaze929  +   1048d ago
4K game support on PS4 won't happen. They still can't even standardize 1080p 60FPS. Even believing for a second the PS4 may support 4K gaming is a joke
ATi_Elite  +   1048d ago
PS4 to support 4K and cure cancer
OK didn't we JUST have DICE CONFIRMING that BF4 for the PS4 MP mode would be 720p @ 60fps 24 player MAX

But ALL that goes out the window and fanboys jump for joy at any NON-Official news about 4k resolution support on the PS4.

sure i think the PS4 will support 4K resolution just like the PS3 supported 1080p resolution and HOW MANY AAA 1080p games came out on the PS3? ZERO!!

4K is a GIMMICK and not worth a $10K Tv
I think all this 4K talk needs to STOP until PS4 devs start knocking out 1080p 60 fps games no matter the mode.

Makes NO sense to talk about and DISTRACT us with this 4k madness when a DEV just confirmed 720p for a PS4 game in MP mode.

Excuse me for being LOGICAL and not all dreamy but feel free to RAGE disagree.
Donnieboi  +   1048d ago
The 720p and 60 fps I know of, but where did u read that the PS4 was only 24 players? Hell no.
kung-fu-grip  +   1048d ago
I agree. 4K???? I can picture people laughing at this. I understand that some are trying to add to the hype to help market the thing but some of this hype is getting a bit crazy. Hopefully Sony doesn't add too much to this machine to point of the final PS4 GPUs exploding off the MBs.
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S2Killinit  +   1048d ago
it will take 4k to become mainstream in a matter of 3 years i think. Just like 1080 resolution. It was insanely overpriced at first, and then i dropped rapidly to what it is today. Sony knows this, obviously.
ATi_Elite  +   1048d ago
Yes very tru but you gotta still compress 4K all to hell to get it over the air or thru cable and right now it's just a mess and a gimmick as most people slowly adopt a 1080p TV
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1049d ago

what about 2k?

How many gigs dat need?

I'm guessing 5?
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GamersRulz  +   1049d ago
4K (gaming) on PS4 will never happen, because it needs way more powerful GPU to render at that resolution. I believe that nVidia Titan can barely maintain 60fps at 4k resolution.

4k movies on the other hand is possible, Sony already stated that PS4 will support 4k movies
Conzul  +   1049d ago
Oohhh, that word again.

I've cited this more times than I have fingers - it only took 4 PS3's chained to accomplish a 4K demo of Gran Turismo 5. The PS4 will be more powerful than that.

JP1369  +   1049d ago
No console coming out anytime soon has the bandwidth to run a 4k game using all the bells and whistles of modern gaming technology. You can predict what is possible by comparing the maximum theoretical output of say, a PS4, with what would be required for 4k gaming and see that we're just not there yet. If these new consoles had the grunt, that Killzone demo would have been running at 1080/60. I know it's early days yet, but you just aren't going to have a system that feels comfortable at 1080/30 run at four times that resolution at any point in its life, unless severe reductions are made as far as the complexity of the game environment are concerned (i.e., AI, physics, geometry, post processing,shaders, etc.)
You might see some PSN games pull it off, but they'll be titles in the same vein as Super Stardust HD. We've even heard from devs that fully-featured games could run the menus and UI in 4k, but not much else.
No worries though, PS4 (and likely 720) will be able to give us what we want for years to come. And when the ninth gen comes out, we'll be able to play 4k games on newly-affordable 4k televisions.
Oh_Yeah  +   1049d ago
@Conzul you realize how linear of a game Grand Turismo is right? Try running red dead redemption or skyrim in 4k with no performance loss, then we'd be talking
Conzul  +   1049d ago
If it's a game, and it's running on the PS4, then there's 4K gaming. Yes, even if it's a PSN game like Eufloria or the like. YOU are the guys who are using absolutes.
JP1369  +   1049d ago
We're using realistic examples of what 4k gaming should be. The PS2 could probably run Pong in 4k, but I don't think anyone would consider that the next step in graphical fidelity.
ZoyosJD  +   1049d ago
2k is ~1080p. Just slightly over in fact.

4k is 2160p or 4 times 1080p.

The ____p count is vertical pixels. The _k count is an approximation of horizontal pixels
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1049d ago
Lol yea I know. I'm just being facetious.
red2tango  +   1049d ago
Your math is off: 1080 * 2 = 2160.
thebigman  +   1049d ago
@red2tango Did you ever learn math? It's 2x per side(horizontal and vertical), so 4x over all
ZoyosJD  +   1049d ago
@ExgamerLegends...Don't do that, it promotes misinformation. Just look at this guy...and my disagrees at that...


I hate having to be explicit about the details, but...

4k is 3840*2160. ~8.3 megapixels

1080p is 1920*1080. ~2.1 megapixels

There is literally 4 times as many pixels on a 4k TV as a 1080p TV because it's the area of a rectangle.
cannon8800  +   1049d ago
2k isn't that much higher than 1080p, and no you don't need that much ram. Even one gig of vram is good for many games running on 1080p. I used to have a gtx 460 with only one gig of ram and I was able to run pretty much everything on the highest settings on 1080p. But more is always better especially for future proofing the hardware :D
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JP1369  +   1049d ago
1920*1080 = 2,073,600

"1080p isn't that much higher than 2k."

Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1049d ago

the 2k is in relation to the number of pixels on either the horizontal (1920) or vertical (1080) lines. Not the product of the 2 numbers. Also, K = thousand not million.
cannon8800  +   1049d ago

It was never wrong lol the wording is just tricky to process sometimes.
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JP1369  +   1049d ago
Yep, don't know what I was thinking when I wrote that. I'm well aware of what 4k is, you wouldn't think I would have trouble figuring out 2k.
worldwidegaming  +   1049d ago
Even pc gaming at that level to resolution is insane.
Lets just master 1080p at 60fps before we start doing that X4.
Well they need someway to get us to buy new TVs now that 3D is not cool.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1049d ago
Screw TV's I wanna strap something to my head like a true introvert.
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RevXM  +   1049d ago
Im sure we will see some 4k native games, only those will be mostly psn and indie games. AAA games will be pretty much or most certainly always be 1080p.

It will be like the ps3 in a way. Everything but most games will be supporting and running the highest res possible.

1080p will be allright for a few years, but PS5 got to nail at least 4k standard for its big titles because it makes sense that 4k and 8k will be pretty widespread and affordable 5-10 years from now.
Already looking forward to the ps5. Hopefully Sony/playstation and the demand for it will be there when its time for ps4 to step down.

BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1048d ago
Whoa you're already talking about 8k and I'm still trying to see the difference between 720p and 1080p on anything smaller than a 42" TV... This whole 4k matter for me is just another way to make everyone keep changing TV and heat the market, unless you have 80" TV or sits 2' away from your set, I don't see why would you need 4k at all, it's almost impossible to see the difference.
SuMtOnE  +   1049d ago
and I just recently brought a 1080p 3D =(
Skate-AK  +   1049d ago
Haha me too, Back in October.
GABRIEL1030  +   1049d ago
I'll buy a 1080P 3D TV also, and this is enough for play in PS4. You dont need a 4K TV because PS4 doesn't support games at 4K, only movies at 4K but nobody are releasing movies at this format for home use. That's a great Sony decision, because a 4K TV are very impopular and expensive, an only TV would cost almost 15.000 dollars and you can change your car with this money.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1049d ago
I could buy a whole little army of shitty cars for that much.
ziggurcat  +   1049d ago
4k support would only really be for video anyways, just like the native 1080p on PS3 was really meant for blu-ray movies.

games on PS4 will likely be native 1080p, just like almost all games on PS3 are 720p.
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Honest_gamer  +   1049d ago
until we can get NATIVE 1080, then forget about 2,4,8k resolutions for games, i don't want to play a sub par HD game unscaled to 4k (hell thats if i was every able to afford one of them TV's in the first place) and i dont mean small indy or the occasional full game native 1080, i mean them all, i doubt if next gen will have the majority of the games at native 1080 either, or atleast not until a few years into the cycle
GABRIEL1030  +   1049d ago
A wise decision, first : the PS4 programmers need focus in 1080 HD and later in 4K. Second, a 4K TV costs a fortune nobody will buy a 10.000 dollars TV to play. And Third only a few studios have the capacity to make games at 1080, and less teams have the capacity to make games at 4k. Cerny is very smart, because is creating and accesible console for programmers and consumers.
SAE  +   1049d ago
I think small games will be able to achieve 4k, like limbo.
BuffMordecai  +   1049d ago
I'll be happy with 1080p standard, 4k can wait till ps5 rolls around.
Mikeyy  +   1048d ago
Same here, 1920*1080P Standard at 60 FPS should be the goal for next gen games, since this gen failed to deliver it for the majority of games.

1080P is fine, most PC gamers still play at this res.
JackVagina  +   1049d ago
I can see 4k Tvs now...

*buys 4k TV
*Puts in 1080p Blu-ray

Related image(s)
KingKevo  +   1049d ago
4K for games?! That would make no sense at this point. Games don't even support native 1080p resolutions on the console yet, except for a very very few exceptions, even many of them use tricks and don't display it natively.

And they should work on higher framerates rather than higher resolutions too. In the end 4k in games might just be what 1080p was this gen or even less. Something for smaller downloadable games that do not have many textures or environments (like SSD HD or WipEout) or show demos (like the GT demos), but nothing that we could expect from any game. And where would they save all the 4k textures?! Games like Uncharted 3 already use like 99% of a regular 2 layered 50GB BD. Would we have to swap discs again or install an extra BD for 4k textures?

In the next couple of years it might just only make sense for movies. BUT Blu-Rays would either have to get bigger or get an install option for movies (lol?) or all people would need better internet to stream 4k movies with a high enough bitrate to see a difference to a 1080p BD. 4k is fine and all that but the we are not quite ready for it, at least the tech isn't.
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NateCole  +   1049d ago
to early.
taquito  +   1049d ago

battlefield 4 won't even be 1080p on ps4
its pretty much confirmed to be native 720p @30 frames on nextgen consoles

4k...get kids

ps4 has a laptop gpu and a tablet cpu...literally
its not even close to capable of 4k....only pc's have that power

if 50% of the games over the entire life of the ps4 even achieve 1080p native i will be totally suprised, and its probably not going to happen

freaking people
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WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   1049d ago
Those marks are for the current gen... they haven't confirmed it for next gen yet alone announced how it will play. 720p won't be that taxing on that GPU irregardless if it's a laptop model or not. 30fps seems like the max out at 1080p so I think the resolutions will hover somewhere around 1440x900 maybe higher for quality vs framerate... but they can make their own resolutions then upscale them.
JRH7783  +   1048d ago
4K with games on PS3 will be like games in 1080p this gen cycle. Games like Super Stardust will be games that we get in 4K, but we won't see any big games in 4K.

I'll be happy is we can get 1080p out of most games this gen starting off and later in the console cycle we'll see advancements in 4k technology.
Mikeyy  +   1048d ago
So i've been searching for 4k tvs since i've ignored them all this time. Bestbuy doesnt sell them, Newegg doesnt, so I just google it, and the manufactures do offer them direct.

Sofar the prices are $25,000 for a Sony 84"
and $20,000 for an LG

Really guys?

1080P tvs where not THIS far out of reach then the Ps3 was about to come out.
kingPoS  +   1048d ago
I point out where 4k can be had for cheap and disagrees are what I get.

Surly this must be the work of illogical minds that lurk around N4G. lol

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