Anno 2070 Complete Edition Is Complete gets news from Ubisoft about a nifty compilation. Anno 2070 Complete Edition comes with all previously released DLC, the Deep Ocean addition and a soundtrack and poster.

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Godmars2901848d ago

But does it still have an always online requirement?

Daavpuke1848d ago

I doubt they've changed that, unfortunately.

taquito1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

it doesn't have always was removed LONG ago in a patch, then made it even easier to jump in and play....

from patch 1.05 notes;

"•When starting ANNO 2070 in offline mode, additional login in game is not required any more"

great game.....awesome graphics, WAYYY more complex than sim city....way better looking.....this is also a much more difficult game to wrap you head around than simcity....which honestly...feeels like its for really young children

what i want to it free for those who bought the original long ago??

of course its not, only cd project red is that cool

1848d ago
urwifeminder1847d ago

Top game have spent many hours making a disaster city i was so impressed i got 1404 as well top stuff ubi.