Will Next-Gen Cripple Nintendo?

"In 2006, Nintendo released a console that many expected to fail and cited the motion control gimmick as a reason as to why. To everyone's surprise, the Wii caught on like a wildfire and retailers couldn't keep them on store shelves..." - Stealthy Box

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iGAM3R-VIII1817d ago

I probably will depending on how Nintendo react by E3 and what path MS take for their next console. Since the Wii U can't take a lot of the new engines it could be left behind.

Wigriff1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Nintendo will undoubtedly still do well, and the WiiU will have some games on it that will move consoles, even if they do turn out to mainly be 1st party titles. Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Star Fox... these are titles just like Star Wars and Final Fantasy; fans will always inevitably buy them, and there is only 1 system you will be able to get them on.

I don't own a WiiU yet, and I am going to be getting a PS4 at launch, but I will get a WiiU eventually for sure.

ijust2good1817d ago

Again, Nintendo will have to depend on Nintendo exclusive games. Wii U is gonna be as successful as GameCube and N64 which isn't that great and they both lost by a massive margin.

Mario's, Metroid's the Zelda's are gonna help sell system for sure but it won't be enough to save it. The Wii U is basically a market for Ninty fanboys. Most popular games are multiplatform. Most third party publishers have caste doubts and also threatened to not support the hardware so the biggest and best games such as the next BF, COD, Mass Effect franchises and many more won't see the day of light on nintendo's platform. Making the console irrelevant to the wider consumer.

Wigriff1817d ago

You realize that "best" is subjective, right? Many people consider Nintendo titles to be the "best" games money can buy. Nintendo may be a niche market now, but it isn't dead by a long shot.

SonyPS41817d ago

How do you know that the Wii U will only sell as much as the Gamecube? Look at the 3DS first year sales and how fanboys on the internet spell doom & gloom but it appears to be an even faster selling handheld than the predecessor.

SilentNegotiator1817d ago

"WiiU will have some games on it that will move consoles... Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Star Fox..."

But that leaves them with the Gamecube. It was profitable, but I still doubt Nintendo wants another Gamecube after printing money with the Wii.

Spoon_1817d ago

Release the Ultra Nintendo the powerful successor to the snes now

Ritsujun1816d ago

Wii duUum crushed badly by next-gen engines. =D

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Shnazzyone1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

You do know that even with it's losses nintendo has something like 14 billion dollars to fall back on from wii and ds. With that much money they pretty much can fail with wii u, and still be propped up by 3ds until the next gen.

Not to mention Nintendo is king of aces in the hole. If there's even a possibility of wii u failure. Boom, new LOZ, new 3d mario, new metroid, new console pokemon. System is fine again.

Whenever people write these articles they always seem to forget that nintendo spent almost 3 years of the last gen with a system consistently sold out everywhere that was probably selling for 4 times what it costed to produce. Not to mention holding rights to the best selling hardware of the last decade, the ds.

In the end, thinking nintendo will fail is wishful thinking. Which is why i'm always mystified why sony who's been hurting hardest out of the big 3, never is graced with articles like this except for once in a blue moon.

Where's the articles pointing out the possibility that ps4 is so much like a pc possibly so it fails at the gate like ps3 Sony can simply go multiplat with all exclusives with little or no trouble.

DavePSU1817d ago

It's almost like none of you even read the article.

DavePSU1817d ago

It's almost like you didn't even read the article.

AKR1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Because N4G is Sony fan-boy haven. That and - it seems like there is manufactured hate towards Nintendo. Everything they do is criticized, time and time again. Even though they usually prove the nay-sayers wrong anyway - so I'm not worrying.

Either way ~ You do speak the truth. If it's ANYONE who's the most likely to *fail* it's Sony. They're finances are incredibly rocky, and can collapse at anytime. If the PS4 sells anything like the PS3 (at a loss) - they may not be able to sustain their gaming division.

But of course - all powerful Sony is to royal and beautiful to have gloom-&-doom articles.

jcnba281817d ago

Nintendo will win next gen, again.

riverstars861816d ago

Nintendo and Microsoft will battle for second place this generation. Sony will be in first for sure.

SilentNegotiator1817d ago

3DS is doing too well for Wii U to really "cripple" them.

Dj7FairyTail1817d ago

Oh so now gaming is all about these things.

I sure wished I never joined these gaming sites because gaming back then with N64 and GameCube was peaceful not seeing all this fanboyism, console wars and companies and gamers hating on Nintendo.

SilentNegotiator1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Actually, a lot of it is about developer support, which is why poor engine adaption is a major problem. Wii U has terrible dev support.

All you did was puke a bunch of tropes that had nothing to do with the comment you were responding to, moaning about "nintendo haters" "specs" "Mature games" etc.

grimmweisse1816d ago

Feel free to leave anytime you want. No one is forcing you to read such articles or through the comments section.

showtimefolks1817d ago

It depends what people count as success or failure, if people expect wiiu to sell as much as wii or even as much as next ps or Xbox than yes it's gonna fail but IMO N64 and GameCube didn't fail even though their respective sales were no where near ps1-2

I think Nintendo is stuck in between last gen and next gen which isn't gonna be good news, when big AAA titles are not releasing on a system ts never a good thing

Nintendo has to do whatever it takes to get the ball rolling 3rd party wise

I will say it again and I know I will be hated for saying this but gamepad is useless, that R&D and money auld have gone towards improving the actual specs of the console, but what's done is done. Nintendo fans are delusional if they within k wiiu will be ale to compete with ps4 or next Xbox. When major engines like unreal 4 aren't gonna run on wiiu you now it's jot net ge

So Nintendo will do the best it can and I see wiiu selling 45-60 million unites lifetime

TAURUS-5551816d ago

thw WiiU might compare to the 720 but no way to the PS4, sony is already the winner according to many gamers. including myself.

Scots1814d ago

It will be the most interesting E3 we've had in a few years - that is for sure.

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LordHiggens1817d ago

My guess is unfortunately yes, as the new ps4 and xbox realize their potential over the years eventually the Wii U will be left behind.

SonyPS41817d ago

Nobody really knows that, though. For all we know all three could do similar in success. That would be great for the sake of the entire industry and the gaming community.

AKR1817d ago

Yeah, uh-huh. Because for the last 3 generations ~ It's been the most powerful console that has taken the top spot.

No, sir . . .

Just ask the PS1 (winner of the 5th-gen), PS2 (winner of the 6th-gen and second best selling game console ever), DS (winner of the 7th-gen handheld division and best selling game console ever) and the Wii (winner of the 7th-gen home console division and third best selling game console ever.

BosSSyndrome1817d ago

Don't forget 3ds slamming Vita.

LordHiggens1817d ago

The DS is a handheld gaming console and can not be held on par with the PS2...and the only reason why it beats the PSP and Vita with respect to the 3DS is that it appeals to the causal user...the child, the elderly, the "on the go gamers". PSP and PSVita trumps it in hardware any day of the week. It also trumps it in games...with respect to the hardcore gamer.

mamotte1816d ago

tsch tsch tsch... you cant go on N4G and put real facts. You'll be bited to death, good sir.

Dj7FairyTail1817d ago

LOL same thing was said for what

LordHiggens1817d ago

Please the gamecube sold less units than the original XBOX...and and of itself is just sad. The Wii only sold so well because of it's appeal to the casual I said the shovelware, the kids, the elderly, the "on the go family man gamer". The 3DS...well that's a bit of a mystery to me...why it appeals to so many when it is trumped in every detail hardware wise to the Vita is perplexing to me...but in any case. I don't hate Nintendo...far from it. I just wish they'd take their hardware a bit more...seriously.

Benjaminkno1816d ago

I'm sorry, I was just playing the best version of Need for speed and Black Ops II... what were you saying?

spongeboob1816d ago

I was playing the PC version of those games also. Cool!

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1817d ago

they still got the handheld market held pretty tightly. I don't see the wii u getting much more traction... unless it somehow manages to get a really popular third party title as an exclusive..... so yea basically they're screwed.

NYC_Gamer1817d ago

Nintendo will be first to announce a new console again

lilbroRx1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Nintendo will announce a new console in 5=6 years like they always have.

Whether or not Sony or Microsoft announce one before then is completely irrelevant to Nintendo's business plans and schedules.

So the next Nintendo console will be here in 2017 regardless of anything Sony, Microsoft or anyone else does and Nintendo is not going to stop supporting the Wii U with games until then.

BitbyDeath1817d ago

A good crippling will probably do them some good.
It would be awesome if they took gaming a bit more seriously again.

jcnba281817d ago

Sounds like you're still butt hurt that they won last gen.

BitbyDeath1817d ago

You kidding? The Wii brought more life back into gaming. Young and old. Why you hating on that?

Benjaminkno1816d ago

so... where's the "it would be awesome if they took gaming more seriously"... nevermind

BitbyDeath1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

3rd parties, Ninty currently has a big head from winning last gen (same as what happened to Sony after winning with the PS2 the gen before). They seem to think everyone will buy it even if they put the littlest of effort in.

Nintendo need to step off their high horse and start reaching out to find out what they can do to get more devs involved.

The only way they'll start to focus on what they should be doing again is after they get crippled. Hence why it would be good for them.

Mini05101816d ago

lol your tone in this comment and the comment replied to jcnba28 is contradicting

BitbyDeath1816d ago

Thought everyone was on the same page.