Battlefield 4 pre-order at Walmart includes BF3 for free

Battlefield 4 pre-orders are starting to show up at various retailers around the globe. EA kicked off the pre-order craze on Origin, offering an exclusive DLC with a Battlefield 4 pre-order. EA went the extra step, offering a “Digital Deluxe Edition” for $70 which includes access to the Battlefield 4 beta and some extra in-game items.

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iGAM3R-VIII1695d ago

Well then, I guess I'm going to get BF4

LordHiggens1695d ago

Darn it no PS4 preorder....

RE_L_MAYER1695d ago is a brand new game but wait you can get the downsized version for free that you already played

chaldo1695d ago

yea because everyone has played bf3 right?

RE_L_MAYER1695d ago

Umm yeah-where have you been

sdozzo1695d ago

Agreed. You Would Never Play BF3 If You Just Bought BF4

Nafon1695d ago

Do you not understand the concept of preordering? You get BF4 when it comes out and you get BF3 now. Duh?

1695d ago
AO1JMM1695d ago

I already preordered BF4 thru Origin for the Beta access but that is a damn good deal as well.

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