First Motorstorm 2 Screenshots - Environments, Vehicles, and Female Cleavage

These new screenshots include a look at the vehicles from the trailer, the jungle surroundings, and new use of Havok physics.

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kapedkrusader3697d ago

I really enjoyed the first one and it seems that they are taking it up a few knotches.

fenderputty3697d ago

I do think it's going to look better then the first though. If they manage to improve as much as insomniac has, then I think the game will be out of control.

cow moolester3697d ago

The graphics in-game will be great no doubt but it won't look like that trailer. Remember the Opening scene on Motorstorm? Great graphics but not in-game

GrimWarrior3697d ago

I haven't played the first one, but I'm really interested..
I hope it has online split-screen, that would totally rock!!

skynidas3697d ago

Yeah its obvious that the in game graphics wont look like the trailer, but im pretty sure that Evolution Studios will make an excellent work in terms of graphics

LinuxGuru3697d ago

Hey at least it doesn't say "Male Cleavage"

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The story is too old to be commented.