Has Microsoft Vs Sony Become The New Cola War

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a fun opinion piece that compares the console battle between Sony and Microsoft to the Coke vs Pepsi Cola Wars. The article cites how both companies have passionate fans and will throw huge amounts of money into ad campaigns to try to win over undecided consumers.

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NastyLeftHook01665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

good analogy.

and coca cola destroys pepsi.

@snookies12, im a coca cola fan myself.

Snookies121665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Lol, this is a rather great analogy... My friend likes Pepsi and prefers the 360, where as I like Coca Cola and prefer the PS3... XD

Ezz20131665d ago

lol i love Pepsi more and prefers the ps3 by alot

hehe, so much for that analogy.

Wenis1665d ago

Mountain Dew is the best actually.. and thats not even an opinion its a fact

MikeMyers1665d ago

I prefer RC Cola myself.

Reverent1665d ago

@Wenis, Mountain Dew has NOTHING on Coca Cola, or even Pepsi. I'm sorry but that's the silliest thing I've heard all day. There's a reason Coke is the most famous brand of soda to date.

adorie1665d ago

Ya know say? *sips on tea*

PinkFunk1665d ago

Uh, Ginger Ale > all. That is pure fact, nothing "opinion" about that. Just pure, scientific, unbiased, objective, FACT.

Thank you.

MasterCornholio1665d ago

Beer owns all.

Motorola RAZR i

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jcnba281665d ago

Sony = Pepsi
Micorosft = Coca Cola
Nintendo = Jagermeister

Snookies121665d ago

How is Nintendo alcohol...?

deep_fried_bum_cake1665d ago


Because you wake up the morning after buying it feeling an immense regret.

dedicatedtogamers1665d ago

Sony vs Microsoft is the cola war?

Sure, if Sony is Pepsi selling Pepsi cola and Microsoft is Coca-Cola who stops selling Coke and starts selling green-tea health drinks to hippies.

Yeah, then the analogy would work.

chukamachine1665d ago

I like both cola and pepsi.

But Ms just took the piss with customers.

Broken hardware, time and time again.
Pay to play.
Dribble out games from time to time.

I would not touch a 720 even if it had twice the power of the PS4.

himdeel1665d ago

There was never a Cola war. You can go to any country in the world, getting at a Coke is easier than getting clean water. That other drink need not be mentioned ever again.

Coke 4ever

kreate1665d ago

i dont think ppl really care about pepsi/cola.
more ppl care about microsoft/sony.

SilentNegotiator1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

The only time I see an Coke v. Pepsi war is when someone makes an analogical comparison or when joking with friends at the diner table. And that usually lasts 5 seconds and goes as deep as "This tastes better"

While 360 v. Ps3 debates happen all over the internet, last as long as days, and goes as deep as discussing games, capabilities, features, etc, etc, etc.

And on top of it all, both Coke and Pepsi tastes like piss and will give you cancer if you keep drinking the one that's "better" for you. Ps3 and 360 neither taste like piss nor give you cancer.

"Ps3/360 = Coke/Pepsi" is a TERRIBLE analogy.

Rageanitus1665d ago

BAD analogy.... because standard pepsi and coca cola will always have the same similar great taste depending which you prefer.

kinect and the move light controler dont do it for me.

ImpliedDeception1665d ago

OK Cola and the Sega Genesis win, because I'm presently trapped Motherf***ing 1994...

Access to future internet rocks, though.

Conzul1665d ago

Nah Coke is too sweet. Prefer Pepsi now.
Playstation FTW!

Oh_Yeah1664d ago

Pepsi wins, they had their own video game on ps1 and it was kick ass.

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Garethvk1665d ago

Thank you. It came to me earlier this morning. I used to ask why do Coke and Pepsi spend so much on ads especially during the Super Bowl. People prefer one to the other and no matter how much they spend that is not going to change the status quo. I know the goal is to try to get a few of the other sides supporters to try your new stuff and so on. But Xbox fans are not going to jump on the PS 4 bandwagon and vice versa regardless of how much money they spend. It is money spent to give the impression of dominance and to gather in the undecided parties. But in the end, Xbox fans will get the new Xbox and Playstation fans will get the PS 4 regardless of how much money they both spend.

NastyLeftHook01665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

pepsi abandoned its hardcore flavor and goes more easy on the taste (*which happened) so people now go for coke. the original og.

rainslacker1665d ago

I think the analogy is good in the sense that both are a meaningless debate when it comes to preference. But taste is usually recognized as extremely subjective, and rarely do I see supporters get bent out of shape over someone liking a different flavor. With consoles there are quantifiable comparisons that can be made between them, and some of those comparisons can have a basis in subjectivity and still be completely valid.

As far as console marketing, I believe it plays a very important part of getting people to know that the system exists, and to build up desirability of the product itself. Sony definitely had weak marketing in the US(not sure about the rest of the world), and MS and Nintendo had extremely strong marketing. That undoubtedly had a huge effect on the outcome of this generation in terms of sales and mind-share.

Garethvk1665d ago

Which makes me wonder if either of them is going to set themselves up for a New Coke failure where they change what worked for them so much that the fans revolt and they have to go back to the way things were.

I still think Classic Coke was the plan all along as they went from New Coke to Classic Coke in a few weeks. It did not take them long at all to have the new name, look, and product in the store which I believe indicates that they had it stockpiled and just moved it up when the reaction to New Coke was so bad.

urwifeminder1665d ago

Pepsi and microsoft for me hate coke.

ExCest1665d ago

Yea coke ruined my life. After spending so much money, breaking up my family, and ending up on the streets, I wish I never started with that first gram.

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