Will the next-gen consoles play used games

The rumor that Sony and Microsoft will not allow used games to be played on their next-gen consoles has been around for a while now, and seems to not want to go away. However, as more and more opposition to the idea adds up, it has become almost completely unlikely that the PS4 or Xbox 720 would have a feature that bans the use of used games.

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badjournalism1877d ago

Are we *still* playing this tune to get hits? It's fine to speculate on MS' stance on used games on the next xbox but Sony has 100% stated they're not blocking used games on PS4. Crawl out from under your rock and find something new to write about.

SethAFitzgerald1877d ago

No one knows 100% sure, why would GameStop and other businesses/analysts still be trying to predict what Sony will do?

Yoshida or any other Exec at Sony has yet to come out saying if there will be restrictions on used games. Simply allowing the possibility for them to be played doesn't matter if you have to pay to re-activate the game for its use.

If you have to re-activate the used game to play it then you might as well buy it new because the cost is the same.

badjournalism1877d ago

Yoshida has already confirmed they're not blocking used games:

Crawl out from under your rocks.

iGAM3R-VIII1877d ago

Sony did already confirm that they will not be blocking used games, but it is still unclear what MS will do

DOMination-1877d ago

And then after that Yoshida backtracked and said they were still looking into it. So technically, Sony could still block

jcnba281877d ago

How many times did Sony flip-flop after the PS3 was first revealed? That trailer they showed back in 2006 turned out to be CGI when Sony initially said it was real time graphics. Sony are known for flip-flopping.

SnakeCQC1877d ago

sony said they wont so im buying a ps4 as soon as it launches. I want the next xbox too but depends if they're going to pull the xbl gold crap

RE_L_MAYER1877d ago

Playstation 4 is gonna charge for online as well

SnakeCQC1877d ago

to play online? source?

my problem with paying for online is also a pc and ps3 user i dont have to and i pay for the components/ consoles and games so why pay monthly to the console maker? i bought a season pass for black ops 2 on my 360 purely for offline zombie mode and i couldnt download the maps unless i had a gold membership seriously WTF

betan211877d ago

Find something new to write about ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

knifefight1877d ago

Will next-gen game journalists still write second-hand articles?

taquito1877d ago

there will be a lot of games coming with codes for multiplayer or even singleplayer to unlock dlc/acievements and "premium features"

used games will be "allowed" early on...then by the end of the first year there will be "online activations" for you game

within 2 years of ps4/nextbox more used games

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The story is too old to be commented.