PAX East Panel talks JRPGs – Are they still relevant today?

An all-star panel, composed of Kotaku's Jason Schreirer, Destructoid's Dale North, Polygon's Alexa Corriea, and Muteki's Adam Rippon, hold an excellent discussion at PAX East this past weekend titled, "Do JRPGs Really Still Matter?".

It's a great discussion of the relevance of the JRPGs in this era of gaming, one in which the genre is still highly demanded by its fans, but not as prominently featured in platform holder presentations or publisher marketing campaigns.

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Canary1881d ago

The fact that they're even discussing this speaks of a deep bias.

BuffMordecai1881d ago

You bet your ass they are, now go back to playing your generic brown and bloom fps games.

yokokoroma1881d ago

The answer is Yes, JRPGS (in regards to the PS brand) are (or rather were) a fundamental part of previous iteration's of PlayStation. They are what the PS3 severely lacked this gen, and a genre which many prefer on consoles. It's too late for JRPGS to set precedence for the PS3, hopefully JRPG developers return to developing for consoles. (i.e. PS4.)

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Max-Zorin1881d ago

Just not anything from today's Square.

kalkano1881d ago

@Canary & @BuffMordecai: If you watch the video, they are actually fans of the genre.

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The story is too old to be commented.