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Why Half-Life is one of the greatest PC games of all time

Half-Life is still one of the greatest FPS games that ever existed. Out of a list of the top 100 games, 99% of people would list Half-Life in the top 5. Looking back, this was an industry influencing game and due to its success, Valve became a household name. What made this game so popular back in the 1990s? What was it about Half-Life that was so different from other PC games at the time? (Half Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Counter-Strike, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Industry, PC, Valve)

Garethvk  +   853d ago
It is still an amazing game and I hope we see more of it soon. It came out with little expectation and became the new standard for the genre.
NastyLeftHook0  +   853d ago
i 100% agree with you. +
ATi_Elite  +   853d ago
Why Half-Life is the greatest GAME of all time PERIOD

Rearden  +   853d ago
This sort of article comes up once every few months... Is there anyone who would argue it's not one of the greatest PC games of all time?
NastyLeftHook0  +   853d ago
half life is one of the greatest games in general.
xPhearR3dx  +   853d ago
I played it and thought it was boring as hell. Nothing about it stood out at all to me. Glad I'm not someone waiting for Half Life 3 due to the retarded amount of time it's been anticipated and never revealed.
kneon  +   853d ago
Well for me it wouldn't make the top 100. I got all the half life games on some steam sale a few years ago but have never managed to finish the first one and never started the others. I just got bored.

Maybe I just haven't gotten far enough into it but I've yet to see anything that I would call great.
Ravenor  +   853d ago
If you didn't play it in 98, I don't see how you have the perspective to make a definitive judgement. It's like playing System Shock 2 today and saying Bioshock 1 is better.

The game revolutionized story telling in shooters, and was one of the major pillars that supports the notion that 1998 was one of the greatest years ever in gaming.
kneon  +   853d ago
So you are saying that it was influential and great for it's time, that's not the same as greatest of all time.

When something truly is great then it stands the test of time.
Ravenor  +   852d ago
No piece of software will be "The greatest of all time", everything is iterated on and improved upon. You can't argue the influence of Half Life in how it shaped gaming, especially in the realm of FPS.

God of War, Halo 4, CoD etc, etc while all being wildly popular, WILL be considered antiquated and quaint in 15 years. While you might not see greatness those who were there and knew what the genre was before Half Life and after Half Life understand it's importance.
kneon  +   852d ago
My opinion of the game has nothing to do with the software. I just didn't find the game very engaging. For me it was much like Crysis, I found both games boring, and Crysis is much more up to date with regards to the software.
Sizzon  +   853d ago
A masterpiece yes ofc :D

Half-Life 3 already Valve! :P
kube00  +   853d ago
Yes I agree how much longer do we have to wait?
SJPFTW  +   853d ago
One of the best games on any console... EVER
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FlyingFoxy  +   853d ago
Half Life 2 was amazing back in 2004, still a great game today.

I'm not sure how long we have to wait for Half Life 3.. but Valve have already been working on Source 2 for 2 and a half years, i wonder how long they plan to work on the new engine before they start work on the game it's self.

6 year gap between the release of HL and HL2.. does that mean HL3 won't be seen until 2015-2016?, if so we have a while to wait still. But you can bet it'll be the best quality FPS that's not overrated.
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Ravenor  +   853d ago
I'm all for praising Half Life for what it did for the genre back in 98, but do we really need these articles on N4G?
NeoTribe  +   853d ago
Its nostalgia, thats all. Kinda like d2. D3 is better in most ways but doesnt hold that nostalgia feeling. In all reality half life 2 sucks now and half life 3 has hyped itself up to a high it cant ever achieve. You will be disappointed.
Ravenor  +   853d ago
In variety, story, characters, environments and overall arch Half Life 2 still holds up extremely well.

Based on your Half Life 2 comments, and the utter stupidity of saying D3 is better than D2, I think we can all breath a sigh of relief that you only have one bubble.
Hydralysk  +   853d ago
D3 is not objectively better than D2 in most ways. D3 went in an entirely different direction than D2 with wow style bosses, auto-leveling skills, no attribute points, I could go on but I won't. People who don't like that direction aren't just pissed because of nostalgia, it's because to them it isn't the same kind of game as it's predecessors.

And how does HL2 suck exactly, or more specifically how does it suck NOW, since that implies it didn't suck before. Is it because it's almost a decade old? Do games have an expiry date after which they just start to suck? Are Baldur's Gate, the original Deus Ex, Morrowind and FFVI terrible now, and if not at what date are they going to start sucking?

If you're going to try to criticize one of the most well respected games in the industry, you might want to come up with a better argument than "old game is old".
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cpayne93  +   853d ago
No. Half Life one may feel a bit more dated nowadays, but 2 is still one of the best shooter campaigns around.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   853d ago
Why is half-life one of the greatest games ever made period?

Themba76  +   853d ago
Half Life is the reason I got into PC gaming in the first place

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