Lost Planet: Colonies preview, videos and screens from 1UP

When it was discovered that Capcom had trademarked the name "Lost Planet: Colonies," many thought it was an extension of the fledgling franchise, a diversion into new realms (a Lost Planet MMO?), or possibly a sequel to the original Xbox 360 hit (which was just released in expanded form on PlayStation 3).

While the reality is somewhat more subdued -- it's a greatest hits version of the original Xbox 360 game -- there's still plenty of reason to be excited about this budget-priced update. More than just an Xbox 360 port of the PC port of the PS3 port of the original Xbox 360 game, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Colonies Edition has more than enough built-in new content to warrant excitement, as well as a repurchase.

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ChaosKnight3721d ago

Hmmm, $30 is a very very good price for a "greatest hits version" of the game... but what really is new in the single player that they didn't want to have the system recognize your previous saves on the original LP? It's just a couple new modes, isn't it? In any case, I'm on the edge here.

InYourMom3721d ago

I'm cool thanks. Why don't you stop screwing around with this Capcom and get to work on Dead Rising 2.

jackdoe3721d ago

That is sooo freaking lame. Release a shoddy PS3 port that costs $40, more than this version of the game that looks to pack more features at a stable framerate! BS, Capcom, fvck you and your fvcking PS3 crap port. Just pisses me off. If Capcom was making these kinds of features in the first place, why didn't they add it to the PS3 version? Most content packed version my ass. Anyway, good version of the game to get if you are a Lost Planet fan.

Harry1903721d ago

the online multiplayer experience of
lost planet is really good.

jinn3721d ago

the first one sucked

The Closing3721d ago

A little reading would do you good once in a while.

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