Square Enix Halts Piracy On DS ; Makes FFCC Unplayable If Pirated

Mere hours after Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates hit store shelves today, pirated copies of the game appeared in the shady corners of the internet, posted for all the picaroons out there to download and transfer to their flashcarts.

Twenty minutes or so into the ARPG, however, many of those pirates found themselves greeted with this "Thank you for playing!!" screen and unable to progress. Players have the option of restarting the game from the last save point and playing on, but the screen reappears at random intervals. Clever!

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decapitator3754d ago

Man. This is excellent news. Am happy to see developers stepping up again piracy. I hope something like this can be implemented for the PSP as well.

socomnick3754d ago

:/ it will be cracked withing the week.

decapitator3754d ago

Unfortunately you are right. But I think if developers push really hard something more advanced could be implemented in games making it harder to be pirated.

titntin3754d ago

Software will always be hacked, and I'm afraid a hacked version of this title willo be out in a day or two at most.
If you want to stop it, it has to be hardware manufacturer that puts the effort in. Sony has done a good job on PS3 - still the only console not hacked for piracy despite the attempts of the webs best. Given the disaster of how the psp got hacked, its no suprise they raised their game for its bigger sibbling.

All you can do in code is make it harder, you'll never code a fail safe system, as code can be rewritten and engineered.

TheForgotten0ne3754d ago

Haha, just brilliant!

We all know they will get it to work soon enough. But damn, thats just funny. Great work SE!

InYourMom3754d ago

Different source but it's basically the same story.


uhhh, and just how the hell would the game have any clue it was loaded from an M3/R4 in the first place?

Iceman100x3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

How long do these retards think this will last? It only effects certain flash cards lol better luck next time nintendo.

"Sony has done a good job on PS3 - still the only console not hacked for piracy despite the attempts of the webs best"

Im afraid your mistaken no one cares about cracking that system, because at the moment it's not worth the effort....besides that fact the space the ps3 there isn't much of a different from ps2 games really.