Grand Theft Auto Critic Spitzer Resigns in Disgrace

Eliot Spitzer, the moral crusader who, as GamePolitics reported, was so offended by the interactive prostitution in Grand Theft Auto, has vacated his office following revelations by the New York Times that he was a regular patron of high-priced call girls.

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pwnsause3752d ago

oooh, gotta love the hypocrisy

solar3752d ago

have you heard what the mayor of Detroit has been doing? lying underoath...cost the citizens of Detroit 9 million dollars for firing police detectives looking into a murder of a stripper at a supposed party at his estate....dropping the N-bomb at his city of the union address (the N-word which he himself buried in Detroit never to be used again)....cheating on his wife...and he is still in office. this guy gets caught banging hookers and resigns. 33% of high schoolers in Detroit graduate high school...33%!!! the uneducated are supporting him in droves...and its sickening. Detroit is a fun city if you visit the right parts...and is by far the best sports town in the country. we need change here. id live downtown in a heartbeat if i could afford it but the crime and taxes are up the wazoo!

JsonHenry3752d ago

^^ I was reading about that too. Kinda strange this guy is banging a call girl (a very HOT call girl!!) and is front page. This other guy is doing everything under the sun possible and gets put at the back of the bus out of the way. (pun intended seeing as how it is Detroit)

snoop_dizzle3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

ha yeah i remember hearing about this fairly quickly....then again I am in new york...

edit: then again maybe i shouldn't say that in the would probably be removed :P

ill put it in the open zone

solar3752d ago

i should take a bubble away for that toilet humor :P

LinuxGuru3752d ago




oh god my sides hurt.....

oh.....i haven't laughed that hard since I was a little girl....thanks for the laugh, spitzer!

Exhaust3752d ago

Not to get too political up in here but I hope this helps pull down another New York anti-gaming government nanny wannabe... I'm not going to say her name but it rhymes with Billary Flinton.


PSWe603752d ago

Fellow fanboys: Sony, Microsoft and even Nintendo,

Let's all give this a$$hole the finger as he leaves in disgrace and a big:


Nostradamus3752d ago

I love it when all the fanboys agree on the same subject!

It only happens once in a while, but a thread with nothing but "agrees" is a beautiful sight.

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The story is too old to be commented.