MTV Multiplayer - Producer: What The Wii Wheel Means For 'Speed Racer'

MTV Multiplayer writes: "This morning, Nintendo announced that "Mario Kart Wii," packed-in with the Wii Wheel, will be out on April 27 in the U.S.

What's the wheel good for?

You might be curious how "Speed Racer," the first third-party title to use the Wii Wheel, worked with the new peripheral. We found out.

Just yesterday, I got a quick look at "Speed Racer," but unfortunately, the Wii Wheel wasn't present at our demo. So I asked WB Games producer Jeff Nachbaur how the Wii Wheel affected gameplay and development. When the Wii Wheel was announced at last year's E3 in July, the New Zealand-based development studio for the "Speed Racer" game, Sidhe, had been working on the title for about four months."

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