Rockstar Working On New Max Payne For Xbox 360, PS3

Washington (dbTechno) - Sources are stating that Rockstar is currently working on a new Max Payne for release in 2009 on the Xbox 360 and PS3. This would likely launch alongside with the launch of the movie, which stars Mark Walhberg.

Take-Two had a conference call to investors yesterday, stating that once Rockstar finishes up on GTA IV, they are moving on to release a sequel to another big franchise for release in 2009.

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skynidas3722d ago

I love this series is great that they are making a new one

decapitator3722d ago

I love this series as well. But I find it weird that it has been announced for PS360 and PC has been left out when in fact, it all began on PC.

Kleptic3722d ago

Max Payne 2 is one of my favorite PC games of this decade, at least in terms of single player experiences...FEAR and MP2 still go untouched in that department...

but I am a little worried about this one...Its not Remedy making it, whom is busy on Alan Wake...and this could be a lame movie tie-in Max Payne...with payne rendered to look like Wahlberg, which would be instantly douche'ified...and without the talent of Remedy, it could absolutely fail compared to the first 2...

we will see i guess...but I am not getting my hopes up...

sonarus3722d ago

how is this confirmed?? yea and i played max on pc as well. That was during my fall out from console games. GOW brought me back to my senses.

NO_PUDding3722d ago

I wish contributors read the articles they poste and gave it appropriate titles. Thanks very much and TriggerHappy, but we were also speculatign that.

Can you instead post this when it's actually confirmed, and not make it up so people will view it. I hate these damn misleading articles.

Can I report for being misinformation? Even if it turns otu to eb true this is by no means a confirmation.

Maldread3722d ago

Let`s hope so. I really liked Max Payne 2 too (even though it coud`ve had some more variation in the gameplay), and would hate to see a bad movie tie inn from another company than Remedy.

I think they could`ve chosen a better actor to play Payne too. David Boreanaz from Angel looks a lot more like him, although i`m not sure how good of an actor he is. Kind of hard to tell from the silly tone of the series, and i havn`t seen him in Bones either.

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HarryEtTubMan3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

Heck yea



Sorry bots.... I just gotta let the truth come out hahahahahhahahahahhahaha in the OPEN zone hahahahahhahahhahahahaha

Daz3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

bots are hard and strong lol :/

NO_PUDding3722d ago

Beign quiet woudl do you many favours. everyone is aware of the exlusives you have listed oh so many times in your oh so many rants.

Silellak3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )


I just hope they can pull it off. When the first Max Payne came out, bullet time was a cool, fresh, and original feature in video games.

When the second one came out, it wasn't quite as fresh, but was still fun.

Nowdays, it seems like even PUZZLE GAMES have some sort of Max Payne-esque bullet time. I hope they find some way to make sure the franchise doesn't turn into a pale imitation of, well, itself.

UnblessedSoul3722d ago

Lol why did this get approved? it's nothing but a speculative rumor, nothings been confirmed

Breakfast3722d ago must say that ALOT on this site

NO_PUDding3722d ago

Well it shouldn't have to be said a lot, instead the contributor made up this rumour, which I have had trouble with before.

this is just as bad as it's somehow confirmed!! What mindset must you be in for this speculative article to instantly confirm it to be Max Payne.

Completely irresponsible.

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The story is too old to be commented.