DivX is coming for Blu-ray players, while PS3 could lag behind

The single most popular Blu-ray player sold today isn't even a dedicated console, it's the Sony PS3. As we learned today, six forthcoming dedicated Blu-ray players could get something the PS3 lacks: total DivX support.

DivX announced today that six new Blu-ray players will soon come to market that have all achieved complete DivX certification. This means Panasonic, Phillips, and Denon will soon have players that fully support the format, allowing more than 25 hours of DVD-quality DivX content to be burned onto a single Blu-ray disc.

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Jandre023727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

I stand corrected. But why is it that they cant play anything over 2gb? I guess I havent downloaded any por.... educational films that are over 2gb yet, but I dont think thats an issue they cant fix...

heyheyhey3727d ago

lol, funny

but yeah- the reason is that very few DivX films take up over 2gb, and even then there is the option to split the file into 2 parts

but still- i hope they correct this

Silellak3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Somehow, I think the PS3 will be okay.

Still cool though, I guess.

sonarus3727d ago

yea it will get full certification. Funny enough i don't use divx movies as much as i thought i would. I still just stream movies with the browser

barom3727d ago

Can someone explain to me the difference between FULL certification and what the PS3 has now?

krisq3727d ago

It doesn't play subtitles from .divx container. It has to for full certification.

barom3727d ago

so not much

nothing people should complain about then

Guwapo773726d ago

Some correct me if I'm wrong... But the difference between PS3 Divx and the full Divx players is

1. PS3 limits Divx movies to 1gig
2. PS3 doesn't play all forms of Divx movies (majority but lacks a few)

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Lord Anubis3727d ago

YAY PS3 is getting full certification!

decapitator3727d ago

Agreed. Firmware updates come in handy during times like this.

Obama3727d ago

I know divx doesn't play rvmb files, but is it possible to download real player on the ps3 and play the file?

decapitator3727d ago

OMG...Obama is that really you ? Barak are you real ? OMG...Obama on N4G...OBAMA 08...Ahem.

At the moment, I don't think that is possible but maybe later on when some applications are made available on the PS3, it could be done.

Obama3727d ago

Thank you supporter, bubble up. Yes, it's really me, the real Barack Obama who will put Hillary to her place.

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The story is too old to be commented.