Battlefield: Bad Company Live Dev Chat

Planet Battlefield is proud to present a live irc developer chat with Battlefield: Bad Company Senior Producer, Karl-Magnus Troedsson. Have a question to ask about BFBC? Join us this Friday at 12pm PST in #BFBC on Gamesurge irc.

What: Developer chat with Battlefield: Bad Company Senior Producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson

Where: #BFBC on Gamesurge irc (Tutorial)

When: Friday, March 14th @ 12pm PST


We have decided to push the scheduled chat back by at least week in order to properly promote and organize. The rescheduled chat should allow more questions to be answered since we are working on having more developers attend. We are sorry for any confusion this has caused. Rest assured though it will still happen just at a later date. Keep checking Planet Battlefield for the rescheduled date.

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pwnsause3749d ago

i know one question to say to them: "why is EA teh SUXXXOR?"

sak5003749d ago

I'd say stop wasting devs time and bothering them with interviews and visting their offices. Let them finish teh damn game quickly ;)