Studios: Digital Downloads Not Ready

Washington, D.C. (March 12, 2008) -- Digital downloads via Broadband connections are years away from replacing Blu-ray high-def and standard-def DVDs.

That's the consensus of top Hollywood studio executives, as reported today by Video Business.

Apple, Microsoft, TiVo and NetFlix have all (or will soon) launched services that allow home viewers to download TV shows and movies from the Net to their TVs.

However, during a Content Delivery and Storage Association conference panel this month, four studio officials said downloads are no threat to physical media because they are too complicated and take too long to download.

For instance, some high-def movies can take hours to download before the viewer can begin to watch.

"I don't think we have to be worried about the replacement of physical media for some time," said Benn Carr, Disney's vice president of new technology, according to Video Business. "Downloading sales are not going to 'hockey-stick' soon. Every time I access a site and download, it's not necessarily seamless."

Sven Davidson, vice president of content development for Fox, was even more critical:

"Demand for downloading is very small and the satisfaction is smaller," he said. "The pipelines aren't big enough."

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Silellak3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

Wow, for once Hollywood is right about something!


Digital downloads are the future. As in, way, way in some hypothetical future with flying cars and Playstation 14's. For the FORSEEABLE future, I think people will always prefer the satisfaction that owning a physical copy of a movie will bring.

I know I own plenty of movies I haven't actually watched since I bought them. Doesn't mean I don't like them or don't want them, it just means I wanted the satisfaction of owning it, putting it on my DVD shelf, and being able to watch it with friends at some point in the future.

Good luck replicating that experience with digital downloads. Digital downloads will replace RENTING movies long before they replace BUYING movies.

decapitator3562d ago

+1 respect for the studios in Hollywood. Now is time for them to make some good movies.

Silellak3562d ago

Hey, don't go asking for too much. One step at a time here.

There are still plenty of old good movies for Hollywood to remake and destroy before we can start expecting them to come up with fresh, original ideas.

marinelife93562d ago

Now that the studios themselves have said it's not a big deal perhaps MS and all the other Blu-Ray haters can shut up about it downloadable content killing Blu-Ray tomorrow.

1080P plus Lossless audio > 720P, long downloads, and bad audio

deeznuts3562d ago

"1080P plus Lossless audio > 720P, long downloads, and bad audio"

Don't forget, it's 1080p with HIGH bitrates vs. 720p and low bitrates.

Don't forget about the bitrate!

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HarryEtTubMan3562d ago

DUUUH and its not like its going to OMG ABOLISH physical formats forvever lmao. Itunes and napster sure didn't CD's!!! And movies will be FOVEVER before we are downloading 1080p Blu Ray quality movies and BUYING THEM with all the extras and behind the scenes and bloopers. Micrsoft is a SCAM. THEY DONT WANT TO LOSE BUT ALREADY HAVE. Sony's big dong too, Microbucks hahahaahhahaa and they have the whole industry....including you.... behind them for a reason.... and not because Blu Ray is going to fail.

skynidas3562d ago

Yeah this is true, digital downloads are just not ready

Bathyj3562d ago

The sound of a thousand xbox fanboys simultaneously slitting their wrists.

heyheyhey3562d ago

with miniature Gears chainsaws while humming the tune to Halo

thedude176553562d ago

Freakin' HILARIOUS. bubbles to you both.

I don't support suicide, but the mental picture was too great to pass up.

InYourMom3562d ago

The DD is happening at my home whether these studios support it or not.

I am Legend in 1080p is freaking beautiful!

tidus0073562d ago

are all over the place

even with 300,000 defunct HD DVD addons these XBUGS dont mend their ways.

THESE GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME has no place in here. They should move to either NEOGAF / XBOX forums cuz those are places for these handicapped XTARDS

heyheyhey3562d ago


jeez lighten up, it was a simple joke and your reply wasn't even related to the topic at hand (suicidal fanboys in this ca

tidus0073562d ago

This massochist even supports MS after knowing that x360 is dead worldwide


Tomorrow NPD will be out .expect PS3 PWNAGE of X360.

GUYS this FUCBOT is also suing a FAKE PSN id

There is no such user on PSN with the name "PM ME" . This XBOT is basically ripped by MS atleast 20x with CRAP BOX 3 FIX ME and still this XBUG talks big

Mr Playboy3562d ago

How sad you don't even have a PS3 Loser pants ???

Get lost

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Brian52473562d ago

Looks like your backup plan has gone to sh*t as well. Maybe now you can latch onto VMD or DivX? How about TVersity?

heyheyhey3562d ago

lol VMD

next thing you know- 360 fanboys will be saying that Digital Radio will demolish Blu-Ray (and yes, most of them are that stupid)

Bathyj3562d ago

Man, its not fair. HDDVD's are so cheap now they're almost free. If I could get a cheap player I could buy a heap of cheap movies but I've never even seen a HDDVD player in Australia except for the XXbox add on and I'm not getting that.

Seriously at 1/4 of the price I would buy the dead format to own that many movies cheap, but the problem is, if the player dies you're stuck with them, just like 360 and I wont get the add on cos I just found out yesterday because of the debacle with Game R us and M$, M$ refused to take their broken stock and Games R Us have revoked their extended warranty, so no more returns to them. If mine breaks a 3rd time I have to deal with M$ now and if I get treat like all the stories we keep hearing that will be the end of XB in my house. Course they might sent my a fixed unit right away, we'll see, but thats always going to be someone elses refurbished one. Bloody M$ should give a deal for Premiums to upgrade to Elites.

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