Can Games Burn Images on Plasma Screen?

This reader question came to PC Magazine's Robert Heron:

"My question is about my 50-inch Vizio plasma 720p HDTV. I just got an Xbox 360 and have been playing it a lot. The other night I spent about an hour and a half playing Uno on Xbox live (no cracks about the card game please). Anyhow when I got up the next morning and switched on my set I could see the Uno cards from the game still there, faintly. I ran VIZIO's image cleaner, and it went away. How long can I safely play games on my set before I permanently ruin it? Other games, like COD4, haven't had the same effect, but the slower ones worry me."

See Robert's answer after the jump.

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sak5003541d ago

I'm glad i invested in LCD technology. Bought my 50" SONY LCD way back in dec 2005. At that time both plasma and Lcd were being pushed for the next big thing in home entertainment. At that time i did my research and read articles about screen burning and limited life of phosphorus in plasmas or something like that and went for LCD. My tv touch wood is still running great and the brightness is still same as before. I used it pretty heavily and played games sessions of more than 6 hours in a stretch. I dont know what would have happened to the plasma screen had i bought one.

robep33541d ago

Any decent plasma or lcd has a life of about 60,000 hours, I have a plasma had it 2 years has PS3,Wii and sometimes a laptop on it and guess what NO BURN IN all plasmas have systems to combat burn in and if you work out using 60,000 hrs playing 8 hours a day thats 20 yrs dont keep a
TV that long so why worry.