PlayStation Home Beta Ends In May?

Chalk this up to rumor, but according to at least one PS Home beta tester's account page, Sony's closed beta will be ending on 5/15/08. This date in itself means little. But it could mean that Sony might begin an open beta-or just launch Home once and for all-sometime not so long after that date.

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MaximusPrime3566d ago

May is in Spring so it could be possible.

UnblessedSoul3566d ago

Coupled with 2.4 update?, hopefully

TheHater3566d ago

if this is true. then let hope that HOME is release soon after.

LinuxGuru3566d ago

I am so FCUKING TIRED of waiting for Home. bothers me.

EZCheez3566d ago

In fact, I agree so much that I refuse to approve any more stories about Home until it releases or there is a confirmed date for release. It's getting ridiculous.

I suggest others do the same so we can stop torturing each other with these continuous, lame rumors that seem to get approved once a week.

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The story is too old to be commented.