Sony Blog: Coming This Fall: MotorStorm 2

The Official Sony Blog writes: "You may have wondered what that counter was ticking down to on top of Threespeech, or read bits of information on sites like on Eurogamer, or recently dropped by IGN for the video reveal - but here's the news in its entirety: MotorStorm 2 is coming this fall.

The MotorStorm style of anything-goes racing is moving from the mountainous desert to a lush Pacific island, replete with thick swamps, dense jungle, towering peaks and steaming volcanoes. You'll be rampaging through thick mud, tangled undergrowth, swift flowing rivers, and searing lava pools of this new location with all of the vehicles familiar to players of the first MotorStorm: ATVs, rally cars, buggies, motorbikes, race trucks, mudpluggers and Big Rigs. Joining the cast is the new monster truck class, likely to become a fan favorite (check out the video below).

It's still a bit early, but here's what we can confirm as far as features are concerned: 16 new multi-route tracks, 16 players can race head-to-head online, and a hugely requested feature hits MotorStorm: 4-player split-screen mode."

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TheHater3754d ago

Sony have this (Motorstorm 2), Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and Infamous coming this fall, that I can think of off the top of my head. Dam, there goes $260.4 of my money.

cellypower3754d ago

Plus Gta, MGS4 etc this stuff is adding up man

TheHater3754d ago

I have already payed out for 10 games this year, including SC IV, MGS IV, GTA IV, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Ninja Gaiden and others. :)

sonarus3754d ago

i am pretty much broke right now trying to muster up money to get rockband new G25 steering wheel and a $hit load of games. I think i will start purchasing by the end of march. I hope this game doesn't get delayed. It would it perfectly in that fall line up. At the end sony will do what they always do. Provide a vast variety of exclusive games for all types of gamers to choose from. Now if only final fantasy could sneak into 08

raptor3023754d ago

looks great ^_^
now give us some ingame footage

phalanges3754d ago

Think there were emphasis on which course/path your can take, elements of destructible environments. Kinda reminds me of a better version of Excite Truck?

scheme_a3754d ago

Multiple paths and destructible elements were already in first one.

This target render doesn't look too impossible except the trees and plants. I hope they nail those and water.

cybervike3754d ago

Didn't buy the first MotorStorm but this looks very promising. 4 player split-screen should be a lot of fun too.

Bebedora3754d ago

This will have split-screen too, right?
Me and a pal had tons of fun with Motorstorm though.

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The story is too old to be commented.