The Best F1 Games of All Time

The new Formula One season begins this weekend and Games Radar think it's safe to say that the sport is finally getting good again. It had been in a slump ever since the tragic death of Ayrton Senna in 1994, and nobody wanted to watch Michael Schumacher drive around in circles, winning everything in sight. But now Schuey's retired, exciting new drivers like Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton look to have brought back the competitive rivalry the sport so badly needed.

So, in celebration, Games Radar have trawled their game collection to bring you the best Formula One games ever made, from the ZX Spectrum right through to PlayStation 3. Watch for the lights.

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Kleptic3754d ago

SCE gave up the rights to F1 gaming, of which I guess they have had for a few years...So their 'hopes of Studio Liverpool working on F1 '08'...are probably not going to come true...and they are working on WipeOut HD and the full WipeOut PS3 title anyway...

Sadly...EA has control of the F1 games again...which basically means the next few F1 games will be horrible...just look at the last Nascar game they did (although Nascar totally sucks anyway) was garbage...and the NFS franchise went to shat a long time ago...EA and racing...need to get divorced...

mmj3754d ago

Some of those games were awful in my opinion, especially the N64 "World Grand Prix" game.

Where is the original Amiga classic? Geoff Crammond's original F1GP?

blu3print3754d ago

SO I have to quench my thirst for a good F1 game with an EA junk... Guess I'll just emulate this season in my F1CE with all driver aids off. Are they plans for a 2007 season game??